GlamCats Birthday Dinner: Acme Bar & Coffee

from Kish's iPhone ♥

Lin & Amar is back in town so as usual we make a point to have a dinner together altogether, missing Akma this time as she's in Jakarta. Lin organized everything mihmih, the theme was supposed to be Great Gatsby but I was too stubborn & lazy to look for drop-waist dress or fur or pearls for that matter and wore whatever new in my closet which was this wrap dress (which later I found out Yani has the same one too lol!). Naz couldn't stay coz he promised his friends to play badminton that night... Hokay.... whatever pfft badminton.

They said they ordered dessert but I seriously wasn't expecting a whole birthday cake! It wrote "LinTaMi" which was Lin + Tta + Ami mihmihmih.. so sweet like that. I think Lin organized this part too.. coz she didn't look surprise pun? 

We left the place around 12am, the deco & ambience is really nice actually. Wish the food could've been better. I ordered Summer Crab Salad and my crab tasted like shredded sardines, and Lin's steak was too rare. Better luck next time, I hope! But the service was fast and friendly, love that ♥

Check 'em out for yourself:
Monday - Thursday 11a to 12m  |  Friday 11a to 1a  |  Saturday 9.30a to 1a  |  Sunday 9.30a to 12m

Testing out the Lumia's Smart Cam action, my favorite feature!

Wrap Dress from The Pop Look, love love it! Thanks Gonzalo for snapping this shot! Mihmihmih..

Anyways I had a fun night with the girls coz it's been awhile and thanks meows for the birthday cake surprise. Memang surprise! Mihmihmih.. Laff laff lafff ♥♥♥


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