Ami's Night Adventure!

Two nights ago, me & Naz just decided to go out super late at night and have some fun. I mean fun in our circumstances doesn't necessarily mean going out to the club (whutttt noo lol!), I just wanted to get out and have some fresh air after being holed up in the house all day doing my blogger + housewife duties. So we went around Putrajaya which was only around 10 mins from our apartment just to bask in the night's lights. 

It's been awhile since we went to Putrajaya at night, although most parts of the city are asleep but outside the architecturally pleasing administrative buildings there are still some people around just lounging, taking photos, teenagers playing skates & bicycles. The shot above is the Palace of Justice, looking ever so majestic. Truly a sight to behold and a favorite for photographers to take photo off.

Perbadanan Putrajaya is just right across Palace of Justice. Love the zig zag iron-wrought superstructure ♥

Floras & architectonics. The purple hues of the bougainvillea gave the majestic domes a lil color & life, especially against the dark background of the night.

We went around Putrajaya and saw this bridge being showered up in colorful lights, we decided to come after our first stop at Palace of Justice. Sadly by the time we did they've shut down the colorful spotlights. But the bridge is very much alive with white lights and people hanging around enjoying the peaceful night. So strange how the place immediately looks so different & moody at night compared to day, huh? Have you ever thought of that? Where's your favorite place to hang out & chill at night? Are you always in the club/music/concerts scene or do you prefer to hang out at bars or just sit somewhere quiet and pleasing to the eyes and just ponder life? ;)

We're not finish for the night, and Naz drove all the way to KL and made his first stop at the old Kuala Lumpur Train Station building. Compared to other train stations, this one is probably not that crowded nowadays but definitely the one with most historical looking building. 

Ofcourse we must make another stop at Sultan Abd Samad's historical building at Dataran Merdeka. The area was sparsely filled with people working on a concert stage at Dataran Merdeka, people hanging out and lights & construction workers doing their job. A long tent was in the midst of being erected parallel to Sultan Abd Samad's building therefore you can see the bones right infront of it. Usually this historical building is basked in colorful spotlights but I guess not last night, or we were a lil late. It was already around 2am at the time..

Central Market, since 1888. The parking lot was deserted with only 2-4 cars, Naz stopped at the the bus stop by the road side and I walked alone towards the building. The building gave me the spooks, I literally hesitated a lil bit but then I guess when he saw me walking slightly weird (lol scaredy cat) and he joined me. I've come here during the day and the place is crowded with people, arts & musics scene happening around the area. Certainly one of the tourist attraction. So spooky & moody at night though >.<

Our last stop was at Pudu bus station, it was so different from what I can remember the last time I went there, which was a few years back. So modern and architectural pleasing now, still the ambience and people remains the same. Especially seeing that old guy in black walking around with his travel backpack. People from all over the place come and go here, who knows what's their story.. Kinda makes you wonder...

It's so refreshing to go out at night and see the world in such a different view, when half the city was sleeping we were out and about taking photos and just enjoying the calmness of what should have been a crowded and busy street during the day. It gives you a whole different perspective of the place and a sense of belonging. I guess I should do this more often - Ami's Night Adventures! Hehe.. Being it was a spontaneous plan to go out, guess what? I didn't even use my favorite to die for sayang forever Lumix GF1 camera, coz it ran out of battery and I forgot to juice it. I'm using a different device this time, and honestly quite amazed by it's low light photography capability! And mind you I did not edit any of the photos above at all! 

Although I was quite tempted to try on the many filters aka 'lens' the device has but that can always be done post shoot hehe.. But I gotta say I'm lovin' it. With award winning PureView technology, Carl Zeiss optics and six physical lenses - there's no wonder how this device can take such beautiful photos. I wish we have more time to travel and take better use of the device. Can you guess which device this is? ;)

Before I end this post, check out Naz bodying the soul of a true photographer - laying down taking photos. LOL! No offence to absolutely professional photogs yeah.. and sorry for the out of focus shot, I was shaking and laughing all the way! We went back home around 3am and literally pengsan with glee on our pillows. Hey anyway guys, why don't you share with me some of your favorite night shots in the comments below ;)

Well, if you want to find out more about the other pictures you can take with this device, simply click on this link and take a guess on what device it may just win one too :)


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