NYFW Favs Pt. 2: Jenny Packham, J.Crew, Oscar de la Renta

Love love love all the styling & whole outfit match from J.Crew! I would totally wear the whole look of each outfit any time of the day (except for the shorts of course duh, ohkay probably to bed? LOL). Laid back boyish skinny tie with floral embellishments, prints and stripes. Nothing like a mix of boy girl look, and formal relaxed look that I don't love. J'adore ♥

Now Oscar de la Renta is the expert in making ball gown dresses, 60's styled ominously. While the rest are short knee length dresses, adorned with cute 3D laces and all sorts of sweetness bundled up but I think the style above is more modest & suits me. Don't y'all go on complain about them being sheer or short sleeved, do you not trust my mix & match ability? If these babies are given to me, I will make 'em WERQ! Oh by the way, even OldR is doing high-low / assymetrical cut on his gowns now? Heh..

Simplicity & elegance ♥ Already planning to remake a few in my mind haha!

Check out my New York Fashion Week favs part 1 here. And more to come once I'm able to catch up :)
Which one is your favorite?


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