FEATURED: AugustMan Malaysia

The minute I received a call from KC Yap, saying he's a Deputy Editor for AugustMan Malaysia magazine; what's running through my mind was "is he for real?" but I kept my cool and continued the conversation. I had the image of androgynously swanky Janie Chai, fashion editor of AugustMan at the back of my mind which I scurried to find after the phone conversation was finished.And ofcourse announced it on instagram (@amischaheera) of the good news. 

Janie Chai.

Yeah, they wanted to feature KL's most stylish individuals and I'm one of them! It was a good surprise, I mean ME?? Lil ol me in a men's magazine? In their SEPTEMBER issue? If you aren't aware of it but September issue of each magazine IS the issue of the year, it's THE FASHION issue. But I'm sure you know that already seeing all magazines turning into bulks of encyclopaedia when it comes to September right? SO, it was a big deal! Even if it was a small feature, I'm very much honored ♥

It's only apt that I put the rest of the peeps along, so proud of Malaysia having stylish fashion forward citizens who are actually working in various professional backgrounds.

Bibo made me jump, spin, swing, run and cat-walked.. In the end they chose this photo.. Awkward jelly legs but it does makes me feel sort of Hanneli Mustaparta, Garance Dore or Zanita in action, trying to capture fashionistas during fashion week (as I would dream) although that's not what this blog is all about.

"Style manufactures identity, I dress up in a way that features my personality, as someone who loves vibrant & loud clothes but still looks chic, modest and respects my faith. I mix vintage with new clothes, wears pastels one day and loud neons the next. One thing that is consistent apart from the hijab is that I complement it with a bit of edge. I love layering with outerwear, capes, jackets, long cardigans, sleveless blazers; you name it, I have it." - Ami Schaheera, Fashion Blogger.
Behind the scene shots:
As real life would have it, it's not always pretty & nice behind the scene ;) Was it smelly standing there? I hardly remember any negative highlights that day, I was on CLOUD 9

Feeling the moment, LOL.....

And it's a wrap! Thanks Ibnu Aswan, Bibo Aswan & KC for that day. You guys made me woke up and get all dolled up to arrive at Changkat at 10am on Sunday. Not that I'm not used to it haha; I'm a morning person, I hardly sleep past 8am any given day eventhough I work from home.

Damn bunched up shirt peeking out >.<
Polkadot Scarf & Pants from ALLYA MYSARA (both gifted during this styling class I did) | Oversized Shirt from SHOP SPUTNIKSWEETHEART | Knitted Bias Cut Peplum Top from AZORIAS | Necklace from STELLAR | Nude heels inspired by Miu Miu,  something similar here.

You & me both Chace Crawford ♥



  1. Replies
    1. thanks sweetie, don't forget to buy August Man this month and hadiah kat abang, adik or ayah lepas dah baca my part hehe :D

  2. ami, kalau clutch you pegang tu masuk dalam magazine tu tentu comel lagi.
    apa2 pun, cantik :)

    1. uuuuh itu knitted ipad case, nice kan? bought from facebook je.. takpalah what to do, sudah masuk magazine itu pun bersyukur hehe. thanks dear!


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