I went to Reebonz Luxury Lounge for like 3 times in the past 2 months! Basically, I'm a regular.......... VISITOR! Coz I have never made any purchase, yet (!). Waiting for freebies from them, LOL. But I'm no XiaXue, probably won't be getting any free bags anytime soon hahahaha *nervous laugh*

Here's me on my first visit end of June, when they had a lil event goin' on for all their members. Honestly I was quiet shocked that they actually recognize me! From the advert job I did for Kwerkee a while back.. Now that's good PR. I felt like a celebrity that day D: /slapsself

First of all here was what I wore:
The styled instagram photo above intrigued Jovian Mandagie (a famous Malaysian fashion designer) to invite me to his exclusive fashion show ♥ ♥ ♥
Pastelina silk scarf | ASOS tortoise shades | STELLAR necklace | vintage Moschino scenery print tee | ZARA straight cut jeans | Double breasted blazer from AZORIAS | PRADA bag | Projekt O bangle set | Swatch Skin

As expected, I straight away picked up a bag that suits my outfit that day. But honestly my heart still longs for this Dior bag till today. Doesn't help that it's still available even after my 3rd visit. Seeing it on the web and seeing it in the flesh just strengthens my desire. Alas, I'm just a mediocre housewife doing jobs blogging from home. Plus, just got my Prada at that time. Pretty sure Naz won't let me buy any designer bag anytime soon, unless we won a lottery (durian runtuh).

Literally wishing my girlfriends were there with me (went back with them the next day lol) and wishing Naz's credit card was with me too (ok just kidding!). Kate Spade vacay bag, super cute! ♥

LOEWE buttery soft shopping tote, in HOT PINK! Nia Hasya agrees I should take this home, I wish I can honey I wish I can. Btw Nia Hasya is my friend's daughter. I literally wanted to jump the building when the Regional GM of Reebonz thought that I have given birth before T_T

Suitable for a lady, with a billion dollar checque coz this Dior is around RM11k if I'm not mistaken /cries a river.

Remember my Proenza SHOULDER tote bag? LOL ok now is the real deal Proenza Schouler. I think it was around RM3k+. Oh hey Wartea! 

Yummy Stella McCartney for RM2k+.

I don't even know why I have to pick up yet another Lady Dior! I don't even like the boxy structure.. It's just tooo boxy (duh!) for me. I mean like where would my camera fit in there? Although I didn't even use one to take all these photos.. Thank God for iPhone4s! Oh yeah this one is like around RM11k-RM13k..........................

For the quirky personality, a limited edition Prada wallet. Around RM1.4k++ I suppose.

I'm in your dream location *beep beep beep*

Tri-color Celine Luggage Tote, around RM8k++ which is a pretty good deal. Wanted this before I ordered my Prada but it's way over my budget.

Wartea is lusting over this super lush Prada shopping bag and Nia Hasya also wants a Prada of her own down there. Good choice baby girl, tiru macam Auntie Ami yeah? 

@Reebonz is situated at Level 3A, Menara BRDB, behind Bangsar Shopping Centre. Seen here is Sean Oh, Regional GM for Global/SEA & HongKong. Surprisingly he came up & said hi to me, all the staffs recognize me for the work I done promoting Kwerkee (another sub-company). Honored! (Can get discount? Eheh!) Ladies & gents, leave your email here if you want an invitation to Reebonz member-only discount site.

Dialogue with Naz post-visit to Reebonz *sadface*

Anyways went back to Reebonz again the next day with my girls! Coz the event was a 2 days event so why not right? :P
Maysaa Scarf | Simply Vera by Vera Wang dangling earrings | Mimpi Kita metallic top | Pleated Skirt from Kamdar | The Pop Look necklace

Camwhore photos of us girls first, at Eleanore's wedding ♥

Andddddddddd at Reebonz:
The vintage Chanel bag Kish was interested in, alas it's now Atilia's. Yeah she bought it the 3rd time I went to Reebonz *sniffs*

Killing us softly with your Dior... *ohsosoft*

Picture taken by Sean Oh himself and then was featured in Reebonz facebook page ^_^

On my 3rd visit to Reebonz was the week after I came back from Jakarta, a special media & celeb invitation:
Pretty Chase leopard ombre scarf | The Pop Look earring | Pretty Chase peplum top | Pretty Chase bow belt | Uniqlo white turtleneck | Betsey Johnson heels I just got from Jakarta yay!! ♥

Cutest CELINE everrrrrrrrrr ♥

With Atilia Haron ♥ | Lady Dior FTW!

With the super nice & cute Sazzy Falak ♥

Reebonz team with Atilia & Sazzy.

Love love love this red Balenciaga! XD

Adriani's choice of purses, I personally think the soft pink Miu Miu suits her best :)

With our choice of Prada ♥

Well with Lin's actual choice of Prada, around RM3k++ not bad eh?

Camwhoring with the girls & a necklace as doorgift from Reebonz ♥

All you need to know about REEBONZ:
Members only discounted website selling luxury designer bags and sometimes accessories for both men & women.


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  1. wah.. kak ami looks stylo. love love love ur outfit! ^^


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