EVENT: Aldo Pre-Fall Collection Preview

The theme was playful glamor, for some reason both of us chose to wear florals ♥
Maysaa Scarf | Floral Pants & Blazer from | Nude Sequin Top from Shop SputnikSweetheart 

Among my favorites for Aldo Women are:
I guess I liked almost all of 'em.. oops!

Among my favorites for Aldo Men are:
Perhaps some for le love Naz? How about it aye?

With Shea :)

Winners of Aldo contest :)

With Juliana, whom I actually chose as a winner for Friendly Fashion x Ami Schaheera Cheap & Chic Contest. Love her style, no wonder she wins any competition she enters! And absolutely the sweetest girl ever ♥

Simply j'adore her perspex clutch & cuff! Zomg made me & Lin hella jealous lol 

Arm-swag of the day: DIVA diamante cuff | Cotton On Charity Bracelets | RM10 ring

A to the L to the D and O

Look UP! Look DOWN! Look 28 floors down........

Ying to my Yang, we dress up similarly different. Both on each own style, Lin seriously needs her own blog right?!

Thanks for the floral suit recommendation ♥ ♥ ♥

Thanks Aldo & Female Mag for the goodies as well! 

This is me laying out outfit of the day & instagrammin' before I shower & get ready ^_^
For more pictures of the day and collection, check 'em out on my facebook  } 

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