FEATURED: Juice / Hijabista / Hijab Street Style Book etc

In JUICE Magazine July 2012 issue. One would think that Juice is more of a music/clubbing/scene kinda magazine, oh well it is! But then why should I limit myself, even when I am fully covered the more indie scene media is still interested in my kind of fashion (stylishly covered? *cough!*). Good exposure for myself and also we live in a limitless world, in the real world we don't only live and socialize with only Moslem or veiled ladies but also with people from other race & religion and non-hijabis. Let's not limit ourself and show the real world what Islam really is. RESPECT!
Ria Miranda hoodie dress, available at LANASTORE | NUDE SULTRY tassel earrings | Tiffany Cape from AMMARA HIJABI, got it from Azya Bazaar | Heels from CALAMAN | DIY faux leather clutch, last worn here.

Featured in HIJABISTA Magazine August 2012 issue. Shared a turban-scarf tutorial using stripe pattern ♥ Check out behind the scene photos of the shooting that day over here!
H&M Red Blue Stripe Scarf, gifted by Lana Fasya of | Green White Stripe Scarf, vintage find from Chic Pop Bazaar | Black Buttoned Cape from Jenahara, available at

Featured in the famous Indonesian fashion designer's first book, HIJAB STREET STYLE book by Dian Pelangi. Sorry if you're fasting & the food looks delicious, photo was taken yesterday when I was having brunch at home with Burger King's Whooper Jr ^_^".
Green Outfit was shot in KLCC, the day we had a date with WARDAH Cosmetics (leading halal cosmetic & skincare line from Indonesia) and date with Dian Pelangi herself. Details here.
Pink Blue Outfit was taken during the launch of Dian Pelangi Malaysia in Bangsar. Details here.
As you can see I had the same pose on both snaps, I was still very much shy to pose too much in front of Dian's husband aka Mas Tito (who shot the photos) at that time + starstruck of meeting Dian for the first time  too (super tall & pretty!) + yeah just shy shy shy. LOL..

Featured in Indonesian online media, WOLIPOP

Featured in local online media Venus Buzz

Alhamdulillah, lots of media exposure lately, I hope I can help shape young & elder Muslimah on how to be stylishly modest and to let the non-moslems know that we as Moslems are also human, approachable, in love with art and fashion as much as the next person are. No no we are not a terrorist. Dina Tokio shared with me & my friends that all the non-moslems in London loves & respects what she wears and accepts her as a hijabi and a moslemah, as opposed to seeing the media portray Islamic ladies in dark black garbs all covered mysteriously and daunting to those who do not know the meaning of the cultural Abaya. Islam is beautiful and in beauty we unite ♥

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