wedding of the stars!

Went to Rina Salleh's reception first at Taman Botani Shah Alam, it was quite an 'adventure'! Arrived and we parked our car, to ride a tram in the park area to Perkampungan Budaya or Culture Village where the wedding was held. Luckily we arrived just at the nick of time when the bride & groom arrived ;)

Lovely bride Rina Salleh and her groom, Afiq.
Cuba teka mana satu Heliza Helmi? XD
Yana, Nanie, Farah, Alin, Uyun and Nadia Bayu.

While waiting for the tram to get back to the parking lot, it suddenly rained. Pouring rain! We were definitely not saved from being wet since the tram we rode have open-sides. And me & Naz have another wedding to attend to, gladly KL was all heat and we dried up nicely haha

At #ANAIM, Ana Raffali & Naim's special day:
The lovely bride Ana Raffali and my deviantart/livejournal friend from Singapore a.k.a Ana's maid of honor, Dipz! Can't believe how small the world is, I've been friends with Dipz since 2004/2005 and this was our first time meeting. Though I know Ana is friend's with Dipz, I didn't expect her to be the bridesmaid. Ahh, weddings.. They bring people together don't they? 

And Ana looks so glowing ♥
Lastly photo with the whole gang, Geng Abang-Abang the groom said. Haha :P

Anyways, wishing both couples love, prosperity and happiness till Jannah. May your marriage be blessed, amen.. ♥♥♥


  1. both of the brides looking soo happy. wish they hd a blessing marriage..amin..

  2. thats a gorgeous wedding :)

  3. omg woww.i lvoe looking at malaysian wedding photos and dressses abd ahh the way u wrap your scarves :)congratulations to her!!!

  4. cntik bju pengantin.Semoga bahagia hingga jannah.amin,sis ami pon :)


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