Reflection Fashion Show

Although the fashion show has happened exactly a month ago, but every single moment is still fresh in my mind. The panic, nervous, hectic running around changing and styling the models backstage and so on. What makes matters slightly worse was that I was sick from a viral fever and dry cough (which I confirmed later, after all the hustle & bustle of the fashion show ended). Definitely didn't want to get myself checked in to the ward with all the preparation going on). Attended by famous names like Hana Tajima, Vivy Yusoff of FashionValet, singer Heliza Helmi and numerous celebrities and media; you can imagine my hurried walk and awkward pose at the end of my show (y'know, the one where the designer walks on the runway with one of the model?). Anyways here's the *cough cough* collection! Our collection remains to be casual, wearable and affordable, hope you like what you're seeing :)

1. Schanaz Dubai Silk Scarf, get it in numerous colors here; and our exclusively made Rose Maxi Dress (not yet released).
2. Schanaz Dubai Silk Scarf + Aema Oversized Shirt (comes in 5 different colors) + Mila Ruffled Maxi Skirt (sold out on the day of the fashion show itself, oooh did I mention we also opened up a booth at the bazaar? Mila will be released in 6 different colors end of February 2012).

3. Schanaz Dubai Silk Scarf + Auni Peplum Top (comes in 3 colors) + Hannah Palazzo Pants (one of our best-selling item!)

4. Schanaz Dubai Silk Scarf + Lea Bubble Sleeve Top (comes in 3 colors) + Fareena Double Ruffle Skirt (sold out on the fashion day itself! Will be released in 5/6 colors end of February 2012)
5. Schanaz Dubai Silk Scarf Neya Silky Jumpsuit (not yet released, also comes in olive and nude brown!)
6. Schanaz Dubai Silk Scarf + Printed Maxi Dress (in assorted prints, premium quality silk with diamante. Not yet released.)

Another good news, in light of the fashion show alhamdulillah Vivy Yusoff from FashionValet has invited Shop SputnikSweetheart to be part of the FashionValet family! We are working hard on producing FV dedicated products which will be available there soon! So excited!! it's a great opportunity for my label to be introduced to a wider set of audience in Malaysia and internationally. Alhamdulillah.. But you still can buy straight from my website ;)

Phew! Editing all those photos above reminds me of myself on final year uni days, I did not budge one bit till it's all finish - not even for lunch. Okay time to get some food in my tummy! If you see anything you like above, watchu waiting for - SHOP NOW!


p/s: thank you so so much to Ammara Hijabi & The Insiders team for inviting me to join the event, for even trusting a small label like Schanaz to be presented along with all the other famous blogshops. I am truly honored! Thank you so much girls. Much loooooooooove!!


  1. awwwww we are honoured u decided to be part of the reflection family.thank you so much for keeping ur spirits high during the prep and the

  2. Wow gorgeous drapery! The palette of colors is stunning as well.

  3. Can't wait for the printed maxi dress, so dreamy ! :)

  4. @ammara, you guys are the best!! <3

    @ecah, cepat update blog hari2! haha :P

    @C, thanks dear ;)

    @nuraina really?? hehe wait & see!


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