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Original photo from instagram, forgive it's low quality resolution. Edited by me.
Three-tone scarf: Kamdar | Inner turban: Sugarscarf | Striped top: Zara | Scallop jacket: unknown | Pants: Shop SputnikSweetheart 

All this while that I've been a major social zombie due to personal reasons (months of no blog update, if you shouted hello to the blog you'd probably hear an echo!), I opted for twitter and instagram! Thanks to Naz for gifting me an iPad2 last year and it has been my bestfriend ever since. I looooooove instagram, I think it's one of the best photo app ever created! I don't dress up all that much these days but when I do I try to atleast take a snapshot of it on iG.

Here's a gist of what I've captured on my instagram lately;
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One of the latest photo I took is of this bow-tie pasta I made for supper last night. Ain't it the cutest pasta ever??

Quite reminds me of this (rather ridiculous but awfully cute!) bow-tie pasta earring on Dolce & Gabbana S/S 2012  fashion show.
If you are interested you can DIY them yourselves, the girls at Honestly WTF will show you how ;) Good luck trying!

Anyways, I have a friend who loves posting advices or reminders to her future kids on her twitter and facebook. The quotes are rather good, right on point and very much the truth honestly. And, it reminisces the way Ted Mosby of How I Met Your Mother talks to his kids. Love that show! Problem is, posting quotes on facebook status and tweets may not ensure that her future kids would get the message since it's hard to trackback all those quotes. So, I'm gonna help her on this and fancy it up a lil bit ;)

image source: Flo Morissey. editing by me.

Had a bit of "designer's" block while trying to figure out how to make the quotes look nice enough to be added on possibly Yani's tumblr. I'm not liking the end result :( but truly uninspired right now and I've been at it all day. Maybe tomorrow will be better. Importantly Yani loves it! Ah well...


  1. yea the scallop jacket sgt cantik.btw i love your pant to.haha(:

  2. i love the soft pastel colors. your outfit looks great on you mA :)

  3. Thank you so much girls, insyaAllah scallop jacket coming right up! ;)

  4. Apa yang omg nye cik adik oi..


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