Wearing: Lace vintage top a gift from a dear reader ♥, black skinny pants from The Shoplifters, new favorite bag from Glossy Addiction - works a clutch too, scarf was my grandmother's, I really love this scarf I even wore it for my post engagement photo session. And new pair of boots, similar to Finks pink boots ;). It's been a really really long time since I last bought a pair of shoe and after half a year this is a gift for myself, it's really comfortable coz of the fur lining. Of course I tripped a few times but that's predictable considering the height :D

Wore this to go watch Harry Porter & The Deathly Hallows and Unstoppable. Both are definitely thumbs up and a must watch! And then I went to Focus Point and finally made a new pair of prescriptive spectacles, picked out a geeky Rayban from the Wayfarer series with transition lenses - works as shades too!
Love of my life, the most patient and funniest man I know ♥

I'm supposed to be called in to be admitted to the hospital today but they haven't called yet so I guess there's no available beds *cue evil laughter*. More time being at home is always welcomed right? Anyway I'm gonna go through another chemo session, should be 3-4 weeks at the hospital. And then they've set a date for another stem cell collection at the end of December. So yeah that's about it then..



  1. hi,
    i have been your blog reader ever since i cannot remember...
    and i really wanna say this..your fashion sense was always awesome when u didnt wear the hijab. and it is still awesome even with the hijab... mannn, u are definitely the malaysian alexa chung!

  2. hello hanna :D saw you on yuna's tumblr i think. anyways didnt know i have this many hijab wearing readers, i'm honored! especially most of my readers are more stylish than me, makes me feel a lil shy strutting my hijab head out there haha. and wow, alexa chung?! that's an expectation i wont be able to live up too but by golly thank you so much! <3

  3. sorry i'm not your friends or follower :) i'm just interesting about the glasses you post up there.
    you said, you bought it at focus point, just wondering if you could tell me the model of the glasses and the price :)

  4. @mustaqiim, rayban.. it's close to wayfarer style and i bought it for 500+ i think at focus point alamanda


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