For two days now, I’ve gone to the transplant ward in Hospital Ampang and had my blood collected. It’s not an ordinary process like the one that you go though to donate blood, well maybe almost the same except that my blood is processed using a horribly noisy & large machine, shuffled to take only the stem cells (basic unit of a blood before it changes into red blood cells, white blood cells etc), and then reverted back to my body.

On the first day which was yesterday it was quite hectic coz I was only told I’m ready for collection around 8ish in the am. I haven’t even showered nor have I ate enough (I almost never eat these days. Bad, I know.) to go to a blood-sucking process *cough cough*. Had to wear an adult diaper coz I would have to lie still in bed for 4-5 hours till the process completes. I could barely walk right coz they had to put a two large catheter tube to the femoral on my right leg. Every single step or move is like having a small dose of electric shock shot right up to my waist. PAIN. Those who followed me on twitter would probably have read my grumpy whines. Sorry.

The pain subsided today ALHAMDULILLAH and I had to go for collection again coz they told me the stem cells collected yesterday was not enough. Today I was more than ready and somehow the sound of the machine vibrating next to me was soothing and not as noisy as yesterday. They told me the blood collected might be enough and I don’t need to come back again tomorrow. Thank God.

Let’s see what the doctors say tomorrow morn, hope I can go home. It’s my husband’s birthday on 4th November :)

p/s: Read what my husband writes of the day I was first admitted to the hospital. He's a totally dramatic story-teller, dubbed as "Penglipurlara" by his friends, loved by many. Have a go at Part 1 & Part 2... Don't know when he'll continue Part III though.



  1. happy birthday to your partner.

    again, semoga tabah Ami!

  2. I have never said this to anyone else except my father, but ami, "you are my hero". with all my heart, I wish you a smooth recovery. amin.

  3. WAH WAH WAH! Betul2!! Ami memang HERO! :) Hope semuanya berjalan lancar...and sihat seperti dulu!!! I know you can survive!! Coz u did!! :)

    InsyaAllah..mudah2an Allah permudahkan semuanya ok! Mai PENANG! muahahaha

  4. praying for your speedy recovery :)

  5. Ami,

    all that i could think of right now is giving you lots of hugs.

    so, HUGS!!

  6. I know it's not much, but I'm sending you all the love I can. You're wonderful.

  7. hey you...
    take good care of your self.

    will pray for u.


  8. Hi Ami.I dunno if you remember me but I was the one who approached you to design my blog right before I found out you got sick. We exchanged emails for a few times.

    Anyways, you're absolutely right. your husband is a good storyteller. I felt like crying reading the first part. and honestly, I can't wait to read more. =)

    I can only imagine what you felt when you heard the results. and the fact that you were recently married, aduhh besarnya ujian tuhan. But I guess that's a blessing, having him to care for you during these difficult times.

    I pray for your strength and your health. Moga-moga you cepat sembuh dan kembali cergas like before.

    "(CURRENTLY: Battling cancer & so far I'm winning)"


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