Photos taken on my visit to Old Blossom Box as soon as I got my leave from the hospital 2 weeks ago, thanks to a tweet invite from Adriani. The last time I went to Old Blossom Box was during the opening event and boy that was a long time ago. And then I was busy with the wedding preparation, the wedding itself, mini honeymoon and then cancer happened. Hah, I felt like I should come visit Jezmine more to give my support and shop shop shop! Bought two tops for myself and a maxi dress I gave to my sister-in-law, Lia.

Met Baby there and we chatted for awhile about my disease and about her life. Honestly this was our first time chatting in real life, we've known each other through mutual friends online. Baby is a really nice and happy-go-lucky kinda girl, thanks for layan-ing me!

Two tone hijab from IAMJETFUELSHOP (Yuna's shop); Olive skirt from Forever21; Studded belt & scallop boots from The Shoplifters; Guess bag.

This was one of the top I bought at Old Blossom Box that day, worn on a date to Pavilion with Naz about 5 days ago. Love the muted mint color and pearls.

Mint pearl top from Old Blossom Box; GAP inner long sleeves; Zara dusty pink jacket (birthday gift for myself, on sale at RM69.90 weee!); Badger/Anti-Beauty pants; Finks boots; Scarf from a long time ago.

I'm still a bit clueless about pairing up with too much colors in my outfit, as you can see in my previous outfit posts I don't really mix too many colors in one go particularly coz I don't have the talent to do all that mix & match stuffs. Hope I did well on this one, haha :)



  1. You look OUHH-SOME!!!!!
    Hari tu ami tweet tak nampak full outfit, now that I can see it, WOW! i like the colors!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    dusty pink and ala army green tu.....

  2. Lepas i tgk gmba u with Jezmine kat fb, baru i tau u dah bertudung. Alhamdulillah :) Bertambah lagi fashionista bertudung

  3. Thank you Yanny!

    @L, alhamdulillah.. tapi i tak seterer diorang huhu


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