Wedding PREP {u p d a t e}

Sorry for the low quality photos, Naz took away my Lumix to Japan.

DIY my hantaran last Saturday:
Used RM5 large ceramic plate as base (budget bride) , cute lil paper roses, heart shape diamantes, and this wouldn't happen without the help from dearest office mates - Kak Gee & Iylia. Love these guys so much!

I didn't DIY my buttonaires as planned due to time constraint :(
Bought cute lil flowers and glued on the pin at the back. Also added on blue ribbon & beads for his family, theme color black+white+blue. My family is even simpler, purple roses made of straws. And can be re-used as brooches afterwards :)

Solemnization Outfit by:

Here's a sneak preview of the top, early sketch is in here:
I love it soo soo much! I really felt like a fairytale princess in it, pearls & grey beaded neckline, lace patches all over the hem and a lil bit on the sleeve and and lil bits of pearls on the laces - OH MY GOD. I was literally floating when I tried it on, granted there were a few adjustments needed to be done but I'm sure Mimpi Kita can ace it anyways. I love love love it soo much ♥ ♥ ♥

But I haven't seen the long skirt part, tonight hopefully I get to wear the whole set. And I also asked Nurul to make me the veil since she's doing such a great job so I'm trusting her to do it. There were balances from the lace I gave her, so that will be used for the veil. I'm thinking something simple like this:

The veil the veil! But I'm not sure yet about the length coz I'm afraid if it would be too much with all the lace patches on the top & skirt. Will discussed it with Nurul tonight. And I'm gonna buy sort of tudung Ariani and wear the veil like this (EDIT: but tucked in to show the gorgeous neckline):

EDIT yet again: Just text-messaged Nurul, she postponed our meet-up to Thursday night (due to unforeseen circumstances) :((((

Beautiful Sab on her solemnization day, love it ♥

Peep Toe White Heels:
From Yunique Paradise, it arrived last Saturday. But it was off-white!!!!!! Not white as in the photo. If I had wanted an off-white heels, I would've bought off-white heels! Darn it I'm so pissed! But I might just wear it anyways coz 24 days left and I couldn't care less. But if anything else goes wrong, I swear I'd scream from the top of my lungs even Naz in Japan can hear it. Takut tak?

Sad.... :'(




  2. I guess I have to be the first one. Normally I keep quiet, but today I guess I need to speak up a little bit.

    Kudos to MimpiKita. Four thumbs up. Fida and her baby sister are very very very talented! Keep it up babes.

    On the other hand:

    I have to say Yunique Paradise is numbnut. When you are doing business on the net, the PHOTO of your product is the only way that buyer can make judgment upon (besides some small description). Pictures speak louder than words balz. Thank you for being so lame by putting up wrong PHOTO.

  3. Ooooh babe!! Sangat suka the off-white and lilac flowers for your hantaran!! Your dress pun looks divine, the neckline is very Audrey Hepburn.. I loike! =D

  4. cantiknya your baju ami! can't wait to see u all dolled up in it. :)

    and i feel sorry for u about the heels. if it happen to me, i would totally scream it off too. but dont worry, your dress makes up for it.

  5. haikee...boleh er si yunique paradise tu...abes tu u complaint kat dia x??? damn jahat...

    ehh...nk tgk full plis..hahaha...of coz lah x dpt kan

  6. ami, that's why i kinda hesitate to order wedding shoes online. been tricked twice already. either the size is all wrong or the colour. luckily it's just for my everyday shoes but kinda upset jugak seeing it's not like what in the picture.

    but anyway, i love love your nikah outfit. so classic looking! and yes, sab's veil is to die for and exactly what i had in mind for mine.

  7. eh i forgot to ask, where did you buy the polystyrene ball for your pomander ball?

  8. @lyana haha comel gila u ni, thanks dear!

    @naz, awak tolong mengamok please kat Yunique tu. Boycott Yunique........

    @ciare, tu lah psl.. yang x bestnya ni kasut kahwin okay!! bukan main2 punya......... arrkkk tension. oh betul2 memang nak tuck in the tudung coz nak nampakkan neckline tu.. heee tak sabar nak try out :)

  9. @sarah, thank you very much dear! i pun suka gak coz the roses are all so tiny and cute hehe

    @Lea, tu lah fikir balik memang lah kasut tu will hide under the dresses most of the time kan tapi....... gerams..

    @anil, alalalala tak boleh tengok skarang, nanti basi hahahaha

  10. @moose tu lah pasal kan, baik lah i custom made je if tau camni jadinya.. sob sob sobs.. pomander balls tu i beli kat Sin Ying, Semua House :)

  11. Owh everythings come together... look very nice la ur dress >_< mimpi kita done a very good job..kudos to them and creative you nie Ami...just geram bila dgr stories about ur shoes..dishonest betui seller tu memang patut diboikot.

  12. Nak gi wedding you please? Haha *tak malu* lawa ami!

  13. Eh cantik la yang tempat Save The Date tuuuuuuuuu, suka ah dekat orang-orang yang kreatif ni.

  14. chanteeeekkkkkkkkkkknyeee!!!!i wan i wan juge patch laces ni.daymnnn girl,u'll looked hawwt nnt punye!!:)))

  15. alah ami..x suke kasut tu u jual kat i. mine is off white dress. tapi i nak kasut merah!

    don't scream too loud k dearie..hihi.

  16. is dat ur baju nikah from tepi.hehe

  17. @msvlad thankiu thankiu! rasa nak buat patch lace lagi utk baju jalan2 wedding orang haha :D

    @elly, i berserah je la pakai kasut ni.. malas dah nak cari lain. sobs!

  18. @ayyman, haha thankiu adik! ooo kalau tak kreatif tak suka eh? :P~

  19. I luv ur nikah outfit... I bet it is so 'you'... unique, fabulous and fantastic....

  20. awww aurinh that is the sweetest and loveliest compliment i've ever received! thank you so much, i can't stop smiling!

  21. oohh so cantik! kat mana ya u get that ceramic plate?

  22. ok unique, tak sabar nak tgk, hehe, ami update cecepat tau after solemn, oh seeing u everyday pun dah mmg lain, i guess for wedding lagi la lain.. =)


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