REVAMPED: Old Blossom Box

You know, I like the word VAMP, Vampire, Edward Cullen....... Robert Pattinson *swoons*

Anyways! Yesterday during lunch time I received a text message from Jezmine asking me how to upload large photos to blogger. And since I don't think it'll be any good to answer through limited character messages I asked whether she was online anywhere. So yeah she was on FB Chat. After a few minutes trying to explain things to her, she just offered me to revamp her layout and insisting on paying. Sure, I was glad to since I am on a roll right now [been doing graphic stuffs at home when I should be concentrating on my wedding preparation... oh boy, graphic stuffs? That just came out wrong]

I promised I'll get it done by Friday next week but after about 1.5 day(s) tweaking here & there, I manage to get it done in a jiffy! Honestly it's a rather mini project but nevertheless I'm glad Jezmine loved it - she wanted it to be clean & cute. Clean & cute it is then ;)

Inspired by an English icecream parlour which was an inspiration for her shop's deco.

Check it out: Old Blossom Box Store

I've also sorta shamelessly created a business card for my soon to launch online portfolio *cough cough puke cough*

Tagline: repairs all kind of small and medium bugs only!

I honestly don't know what yet to call myself haha and Naz came up with that coz he said I can be;

freelance graphic designer (I'm actually an IT kid, who was taught programming languages, not photoshop)
freelance wedding consultant (waaaa, really ha??)
freelance tukang masak (I can't cook! -_-")

fulltime wife (coming soon alrite baybeh)

Gonna go update my resume! Mechanics? Mechanic? I'll repair THAT soon!

p/s: If you're looking to revamp or create a new website, email me at


  1. perkataan vamp itu takleh tahan ..and the robert pattinson ..owh no .. i luv that guy (sorry sunshine u always no 1 okay) like your graphic stuff baby ..this thingy i was doin when im doing my study and yes darling i oso background IT education yaa ..hehehehe ... and now dah lama giler tinggalkan ...nanti nak practise balik ..(Bole ke?mcm dah tak ingat..) well dear ...kamu sangat2 berbakat ..apa salahnyer bertukar profession ... xoxo

  2. AMY!!!!!!!!!!!!! OMG U GOTTA re-VAMP MY PAGE TU!!!!!!!!!!!!! I know i cudnt afford to hire u as like my layout stylist.... hahhaha but
    will u pls pls pls plsssss

  3. One more thing can be add to ur CV...pack at the back Ami u deserved it :)

  4. @ciare, thanks twin! hehehehe takde lah kreatif mana, still have a lot to learn..

  5. @sha, tu lah nak tukar jadi full-time housewife / freelancer :P

    tapi nak gaji macam skarang (or more) hahahahha tamak -_-"

  6. @yanny, hehehehehe are you serious? email me dear.. tak mahal pun hehe

  7. cantik la amii! how much do u charge? i pun nk revamp my blog. nk buat sendir malas gileee. lgpun not as creative as u. hehe.

  8. hehe Lea seriously murah compared to professional designers lah kan :D

  9. lps ni giliran saya pula...Yay!!!


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