B E A U T Y (Wedding HairDO)

Alright, let's sweep all that sadness under the rug and move on! And back to being a vain bridezilla :D

Simple hair-do with large accessories, I think this one is pretty normal for hijab wearing brides but maybe not full on your head || Not fancying the messy do, Malaysia is too hot for that. But a simple hairband is really sweet ♥

Top hat? Hmm maybe not the most suitable accessory || This wrap-around hairband is cute & sweet too.

My high-school friend, Ima on her solemnization night. Look at that feathered brooch on her head. Modern approach than the usual head pieces. She was inspired by SJP on Sex & The City wedding.

Awesome Mrs Dzu on her bertandang reception, wearing a simple hairband. So sweet.

And I've lost the link to this original photo owner, but got this from one of Malaysian young fashion designers. Love that lace + beaded hairband.

Anyways, I'm not sure about the hair-do for my wedding day coz I really have no idea which will suit me best but I think this one below is the one Alfad wanted to do for my white reception;

Would much prefer to have a little side swept bangs as it softens the look.

As for bertandang reception, right now I'm a lil bit of cold feet wearing bird-cage veil, but no worries since Alfad has prepared a crown for me if I feel agitated to wear the bird-cage veil. Or no veil at all? Or maybe braids? Read previous BRAIDS post.

Ashley Olsen || Nicole Richie || Jessica Alba

20's styled finger waves hair-do is also in my list, love the soft retro look it brings;

Kate Bosworth
Natasha Poly

What do you think? Any suggestions? :)

p/s: Still undecided on solemnization hijab as I haven't seen the full outfit yet from Mimpi Kita :(

BTW IF YOU GUYS CLICKED ON ANY TINYPIC IMAGES but not getting the correct photo, so sorry! I think they've gone crazy! OMG MY OLD PHOTOS T____T


  1. I'll vote for the braided jes.alba style.kemas n tak messy since skang ni panas kan.. but 20's waves pun i think will look nice on you..aku da padankan siap2 muke ko ngan style tu..totally suit you.. just my 2cents of non-stylist tots... hee he hee..

    anyway, pompuan pakai tudung ada bulu2 mcm SJP tu mcm kenal je..

    he he he lagi


  2. LOL cima! Aku terima pujian seadanya hahahak.. Thx anyway babe ♥

  3. Ami..hurm.. Buat bangs kt dpn n blkg mcm serabai2 sket ke..ouh so sweet..pastu. Ade bird cage veil pak tu...wahhh..

  4. i always like yg braided2 tuh.. i start bela rmbut pon sbb nk wat braided tuh berjaya gk bela pnjg2 hahahaha yeh i pon rs 20's wave sesuai ngn u heee

    p/s: all the wedding post ni wat i rs nk kawen je hahah at least as wedding planner ke haha i love diy wedding.

  5. for me la.. structure muka u macam pic hat paling bawah.

    mungkin rambut valume macam itu pun cantik

  6. love the hairband and also rambut mcm jessica alba think nak buat utk g wedding org bole hehehe?? but if u do with hair band thats a new idea for wedding of 2010 ... alahaii sib baik dah lepas kalau tak nak buat mcm ala2 gitu gak cantik la ami ..i can't wait to see your wedding .. teruja ..(syik sendiri plak eheh..)

  7. i think the 20s style would suit u. i think la. hehe. cos nmpk mcm your hair kan the wavy style so.. it would look quite natural on u.

    and oh pakai veil of cos. :)

  8. 1st time drop my comment...well sekarang pun i dah giler hairband..i think readymade pun banyak yang cantik nowdays,.. = )

  9. ami,
    i vote braided style and 20's wavy tu!! totally suits you
    memandai-mandai je kan..hihi)
    and side-swept bangs is so passe la i think...

  10. @anil, serabai kat blakang tu cane nil? maksudnya lepaskan rambut ke? woooo...

    @si kurus, braids nice kan? ala2 bohemian bride gitu. ala if rambut pendek pun boleh tambah with artificial hair :P

    @miss weed, saya bersetuju dengan pendapat cikgu.

  11. @sha, ahahaha boleh je if u nak buat style camtu pegi wedding2 orang. just pastikan bride nya tak buat hair-do yg sama lah hehe..

    @lea, really? i sooooo want to do the 20's fingerwave, harap2 alfad can make my dream come true

    @amy, hello famous bride! thanks for dropping by :D haah hairband2 biasa pun cantik dah kan skarang nih..

    @moose, tak sabar lah nak try 20's fingerwave hairdo tu.. and i've always had sideswept bangs all my life coz i rasa features muka i agak garang without sideswept bangs :P

  12. buatla braids...mesti comel!hehe,anyway nice blog.selalu singgah sejak u buat post pasal ur wedding prep.cute sgt!


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