Wedding FAVORS

So from the start we've decided that we'll be using brown paperbags for special guests favors, since we know where to get them directly. Of course that was purely coincidental when we were looking for paper bags for our online business (Note: Pherry Clucker == Naz).

Haven't decided yet though whether we should do the top right (refer image) or bottom right. Maybe we'll do both! Ahh yeah that's the best decision kot. But for sure there will be doilies coz we've bought them at Syarikat Bunga Reben, RM6 for 100 pieces of 3.5" height cute white paper doilies, there are other large sizes as well. If my wedding isn't *this* near and if I haven't started into planning yet I would surely make my wedding theme as lace & doilies, imagine that. *salivates*

Anyways, I wanted to write something simple for the thank you tag but ofcourse printing on doilies would be a disastrous and writing Merci instead of Terima Kasih sounds cocky and will not be approved by mothers, aunts and uncles. And maybe even frowned upon by kids, well coz they won't understand the word. My friend has a different opinion though, haha! Read the re-tweet below.

RT @vulfadli:RT @sptnikswthart: mengada tak if tulis merci instead of terima kasih on wedding tags? ahaa. -- lagi mengada kalau tulis menci :$

So I've designed a few thank you tags and showed them to Naz and this one just melts his heart, I supposed so coz he just went "COMELNYA!" followed by a few moments of silence in the instant messenger. I imagine he has melted off the chair. Yes, pretty sure he didn't went off to get soda in the kitchen.

I use the same type of heart shape as in our save-the-date card, it will be printed out on purple & blue turquoise paper with black ink. Full heart shape, not cropped out like the image above. And then pasted on the doilies.. We've also bought similar colored ribbons at Syarikat Bunga Reben, it's situated at the building next to Semua House, at the very end, opposite of CapSquare. Very hard to miss. There's so many things in Syarikat Bunga Reben, even party stuffs! Gonna drop by there again tomorrow.

Those above are for special guests favors, as for normal guest we've asked the help of Kerol's (Naz's lil brother) father-in-law in Jakarta to bring in a few chosen stuff, preferably coz it's a lot cheaper to buy from there :)

And on another fashionable note, I was featured in Eh! March edition for style shot taken during Old Blossom Box's opening :)

pardon the stumpy knees.

p/s: Found a few affordable chandeliers in my area, around RM200-RM300++, quite worth it considering the design :D. Contemplating.


  1. peeewittttttttt!!!!! masuk mag tuuuuu! he eh eh e

    eh babe! the thank u card si super comel okay!! kenapalah i xclose dgn u masa i nk kawin dulu! rasa nak kawin blk pulak! ha ha ha ha ha

  2. eh! eh! eh! LOLOLOL yash, takpe yash tunggu adik u kawin i nak menyibuk okay hahaha :P

  3. i love the bottom right!! simple yet sweet. oh my.. u've put a lot of thoughts in your wedding prep. bet everything will be gorgeous. :))

  4. true...comel..pandai er main font..

    awak mmg layak ada kt magazine eh tu

  5. @Lea, ni baru part2 yang nampak je.. banyak sangat lagi ni tak siap. rasa nak nangis +_+

    @anil, time kasih anil.. saya memang suka main2 font hehe :D

  6. those little bags are sooo cute! I like the ones with the doilys on them. :)

  7. ami ami, belilah chandeliers, hehe.. i tak beli kot pasal tu nak suh org beli, haha.. oh pasal paper bag tu bestnya... sangat green =)

    pasal dress do update urs ek please, i am contemplating between go modern or go traditional.. huargghhh stress!

    ami nak tq tag satu, yg comel2 jugak, hehe...

  8. You certainly have good taste. I have always loved giving away brown bag (mcm eco chic wedding kan?) but mom didn't quite like it =(. So I just have to forego the idea.

  9. wowieee.. sudah masuk mag! hahaha.. paperbag brown nampak lebih peribumi dan juga nampak beli tinggi 'nilai'nya.

    just my opinion



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