JEWELRY fit for a Queen (& King)

Custom designed by Alfad & Amir Mirza for my 3 days wedding.

I'm ready to rule the world! (Yeah, you may barf now -_-")

On one fine Sunday, as planned, once both of my wedding dresses is completed on the tailoring stage, we will have a fitting session. To see if it needs any alteration before patch work and beadings are done. It is one of the most anticipated days because then I'd get to see my dream wedding design materialized. But first, they showed me the collection of silver plated jewelries they ordered for my wedding days. Honestly, I'm very amazed that they did so much more than I expected. Even up to customizing the accessories for Naz (dude got a blingin' keris, literally), brooches for his tanjakand two blingin' necklace if he wants to wear 'em for our two days occasion.

I'll, I mean WE'LL be wearing pearl accented accessories on my reception day to match my pearl beaded modern kurong outfit. The clothes (oh-my-god) fits perfectly! No alteration needed, I'm so glad it wasn't too big or too small for me. Less worry there. Being the fussy bride, I so not want to wear the usual pointed kitten heels Malay brides most likely wear (any bridal provides the same type of shoe). And it is so so hard to find white peep toe pumps in KL city. I finally resorted to online shopping *prays hard it will arrive in time*

Amir & Fad is currently finding two similar pearl accented brooches to the one Naz will wear on his tanjak, for me to glue on top of my shoe. So nice the boys, hehe. Yeah well the red sole is very much a cliche to any shoe store right, sorry Louboutin. I'll probably paint it black later (if I can remember to do so, 50 more days OMG!)

Then for the other dress for Naz's reception, here's a sneak peek to my dress;

Black french lace with turquoise satin silk. Complemented with baroque styled jewelries, complete collection are the ones I'm wearing above.

Totally love the baroque jewelry, and the dress is TO-DIE-FOR. Thank you so much Amir & Alfad for making this happen. I can't wait for the dress to be beaded with swarovski and such. I don't know just do your magic, so far it's working! You guys made me feel like the Queen! And as for the shoes, tum-tadam;

The black ruffled beauty from Charles & Keith, Amir suggested adding a few turquoise swarovski on the edges to match it with my dress? Hope it won't be OTT.

Anyways that wasn't all that Amir showed to me, he was designing two dresses for the upcoming Anugerah Bintang Popular, sort of like the Golden Globe's for Malaysia. He just finish tailoring two of his dresses, I hear ombre fabric is popular now, locally.

It looks so much softer, more graceful in real life! Must've been the flash, the color is creamier too supposingly. Love the pleats, so sweet. It's not yet fully finished, still needs to be added with beads & whatnot. I wonder who will wear it that night, hmmm :)

Oh well, I can't wait for the next fitting when the beadings & lace patch-work is finish! Then I'll get to choose & try on the make-up and hairstyle suitable for my wedding :D

p/s: bought Ikea's Lack side table for the solemnization table, yay!


  1. cantiknyaaa *falls of chair* kena jemput tau!

  2. heeeee mestilah i jemput u! datang tau <3

  3. the crown is lovely! so is the lace dress :)

  4. I love the dress! I absolutely love the jewelry too. Who wouldn't?

    check out my blog?

  5. sumpah cantik crown tu ami! i wantttt!

    i pun taknak pakai pointed heels for my wedding but my boyfie kata lagi elok pakai mcm tu than peep-toe. so i ikutkan jugak la.. :( mungkinkah senyap2 i akan bli peep-toe nanti? hahaha!

  6. congratulation ami. i am one of ur silent reader and i just wants to express my congrats to you and ur (future) husband. its gonna be one hell of a (wedding) day. enjoy it cause it is a (maybe) once in a lifetime experience. hopefully. amin.

  7. I pon xsuka pointed shoes..! he he he..that's why i bought similar like urs but satin type. owh..and warna all the dresses sungguh menawan okay!

  8. Wah..bestnye..cantiknye..seriusly memang cantik..u have good eye Ami, baju u blum tambah beading lagi dah cantik..Can't wait also for ur weeding nak tgk beautiful pictures..

  9. all this is so pretty, like a fairytale! congrats!

  10. nice jewelries, Ami. i love the white shoes, too, very elegant yet kinda futuristic. you have great taste!

  11. ooo ami, ur wedding soo gonna be drop dead gorgeous!! eh mind to share the online shoe boutique, im so gonna get peep toe as well, pointed one rasa mcm sedikit seasoned, in my opinion la, but compare to peep toe pointed one they look sopan.. pening..

    aha i saw ur flora perfume down there, oww seems like ages cos i bought it for my hantaran nanti.. lama sungguh nak tunggu untuk pakai!

  12. really loving the blinged (haha) out necklaces and those white pumps:)

    your wedding is going to be amazeballs!

    happy vday:)

    xx raez

  13. okay i tumpang excited for you! :) im still confused (more like lost actually) sapa nak buat my dresses! ishhh. hehehe!

  14. waahhh..gituw..mmg kena dgn tajoknya...wallah

  15. Can't wait to see you wedding dress nye final outcome! I'm sure it'll turned out gorgeous (coz turquoise is my fav colour! hehe)

  16. i cam nak komen gila tapi im drooling just looking at them pictures, boleh? so u blh imagine la my face expression kan......


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