Sensuous, indeed!

Remember this post? Well guess what?! Okay I'll just tell, I WON!! I sent in 3 entries and the last one, with the least effort ever, won the contest. I think I never won a contest before? Okay maybe I have but this one is super easy because of this virtual paper doll thingy called Looklet it's just too damn fun to play with. I couldn't stop myself after creating my first set :P

The contest was about creating a complete outfit for a party themed as Sensuous, Estee Lauder's new line of perfume. At the back of my mind I was thinking -- nude colors, Grecian style, floor length dress, minimal gold jewelries. But Looklet didn't have that sort of dress so I had to make do with a black one.

1st entry:
Sensuous Black

I even described my dress with full passion (lol).
A lady in black walking gracefully into the room with her sensuous dark silk dress. Enticing the eyes that are watching her as the fringes on her shoulder shifts lithely at every single step she takes. Mesmerizing all the males with the click of her caged heels, evoking thoughts of what those black cage could ever mean or do to them should the lady desires to. Adolescent girls sneer in jealousy as they saw her Gina Tricot studded clutch, wishing they could be that very lady. Stylish and indeed, sensuous.

2nd entry:
Sensuous Lacy
Then I wanted to do a lace outfit but it was probably too minimal and does not stand out at all actually. If only there was a fitted lace dress like this to work with.

No description coz I don't wanna seem to eager but actually I was the only person sending multiple entries heee.. Ok crap, I forgot.
As we all know how hints of flesh makes our heart flutters, oozing sexiness in this lace piece whilst keeping it classy.

3rd entry, which won the contest!
Meet The Folks (because I did not made this set for the contest, just for fun)

I said - this is probably close to what I would wear to a Sensuous party held by TIC ;)
Which was true really, but I'd probably wear a black sheer tights coz I'm super conscious of my legs.

So I had fun playing Looklet and just started spurring random outfits, though they don't have as much items as Polyvore but it's like being a little girl all over again, dressing up my blow-up doll. You guys should try it!

Other contest I entered - TiC Turns 1!: Common Totes. I wrote a very lengthy answer at the page, when one TiC member said it's tweet exclusive! Meaning I have to tweet @tictweets to qualify for the contest. How embarrassing haha! I used to gave them the same lengthy answer but guess I was destined for Estee Lauder's Sensuous :P

Anyways, thank you so much TiC. They're giving away free nice things for 30 days to commemorate their 1st birthday so watcha waiting for? Join in the fun!


  1. omg omg congrats ami hohoho...
    i thought of entring tp tak berkesempatan...
    wats the looklet url again? i tried your link tp takle bukak cam lagi best dr polyvore je heheh...

  2. blow up doll, hahaha! such nice looks, no wonder youve won!

    xx raez

  3. @shikin, sorry2! silap. try :)


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