I've been sick, down right scared shitless to my bones when I was suspected of having the dreadful influenza. Luckily for me, for God still wants me to serve my purpose on mother earth probably, my diagnose was negative of any sorts of fatal disease. I was simply unwell, very much so my head could have exploded from the heat of my own body. Held up at the hospital to receive treatment, while my fiance had to leave the country before I could even meet the doctor. I was weak for a whole week, absent-mindedly leaving my medicines behind when I went back home to Perak and fell ill all over again. Not to mention I also couldn't eat anything, everything are just so tasteless, bland and too much for my taste buds. Gosh I'm so picky!

When I wore my favorite jeans, I noticed how it's no longer snug on my round bottoms and very loose on my waist. Most likely I've been loosing too much weight rapidly. I don't like it all, especially with the fasting month coming, if my eating habits does not improve I'll most like turn into Eid skeleton.

I'm really so tired of everything, tired tired tired so fricking tired.


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