The Fictional Bride's Wedding Dress

Some of you who would probably know that I'm a fan of the Twilight Saga, I even go as much as recommending an alternate read; a fan fiction of the characters in Twilight. Still deliciously good, just sayin'.

Well then, the mash up combination of Fashion + Twilight + Wedding (dresses), are just three perfect entities that would spark an interest in me (like wtf!). I am getting married next year so browsing for wedding inspirations has been a habit for me since the engagement. For those who knows nothing about Bella & wedding dresses (what----??), just calm down and I won't reveal the plot to you.

My personal thoughts:
  • Love Siriano's tiered dress and lace bustier, very dearly romantic. But being it off high neck with no sleeves is tad revealing for me at least.
  • Lhuillier's mermaid style dress with lace detailing on the top and long veil is definitely appealing.
  • Now, I'm no fashion student or designer therefore it's rather hard for me to interpret Reyes's sketches but I'm sure it's very beautiful. Help anyone?
  • Erin Fetherston's design is a delight to look at, endearingly cute and loving the puffy sleeves. I can so imagine Bella in this one.
  • Tad too sexy for demure Bella, but who knows right? A modern cut revealing the backside, I myself would not dare to wear that on my own wedding. I'm unnecessarily tad too shy.. on Prabal Gurung's design.
  • Max Azria - a definite yes! Lace lace lace lace.. ♥
  • Leia Rose - loving the unique rear side.
  • Badgley Mischka - looks like a modern interpretation of kebaya. Quite a common choice for Malay & Indonesian brides.
  • Zac Posen - pink? Hmm...
The attention on Twilight Saga on the internet is probably overwhelming on every angle and crevices, but ya can't help but just enjoy it. Even Prada's Fall runway look has that sparkly vampire going on. It's exciting really! Though I would not know for sure which one of the above designs suits Alice's & Bella's taste, but I do know what Kristen Stewart would like: Givenchy Haute Couture.

Which one of those dresses is your pick?

via InStyle


  1. Max Azria & Leia Rose. but i loooovvveee Gurung's low cut on the back.

  2. fa! you have a rockin' bod, mesti cun gila in Gurung's design ;)


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