Lady Gaga much? LOL, just one of the pre-loved item from the stack of accessories sold that day. Mind you these photos are way way way overdue, they are from Old Blossom Box's last year preloved party :P Anyways the glasses were no good coz one of it's leg were almost broken, hence I only wore it for fun hehe

The girls looking lusciously glowing, especially Mama Adriani who is now 4 months away to giving birth I think :)

Kay & Naz
Tita and Yani. Look at Yus peeking in from behind -_-'

The cupcake sweeties! Recognize Hui Ting from Masterchef? Hehe

Some of the drawings sold at OBB at that time, not sure if they still have it though.. Loooove the intricate flowy details huh?!

Bono of Stellar! If you don't know it yet, this weekend there will be a workshop session held by Hana Tajima herself happening at Stellar, all details here &heart; I really wanted to join if I have more money to spend sadly that is not the case... booo

Dropped by at another bazaar but sadly we were too late and everyone has already closed.. but nice to see friendly faces no? :) 

Eversince being an official housewife/part-time entrepreneur all I do all day is house chores, cook, cook, cook and online? Yesterday I tried finishing off all little bits and pieces of stuff in the fridge and tried doing my own recipe. Guess what, it turned yuck! Terrible! I thought I've gotten the hang of cooking, turns out T____________________T

And today I am more cautious, tuned in on Nigella's Kitchen and decided to cook some soup! Loosely following her Asian Braised Beef Shank with Hot & Sour Shredded Salad (minus wine, used water instead of beef stock, added potato & Adabi soup sack and small cuts of beef). I think it's just a fancy name for Beef Soup with some garnishing on top haha. Had mine with slim kuayteow or what ever it is.. So glad it's yummy to eat that I had two servings ^_^ The perfect redemption for my failed dish yesterday for Naz hehe. 

Can't wait for Naz to come home and taste this ;)


  1. Looking beautiful as always sis!
    Your glasses is amazing!

    XO Arezu

    1. thank you love! just a goofy glass from the shop that day :))

  2. LOVE the blue jumpsuit && You smile is what completes ur looks :) !! x

    Soso @


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