EVENT: Dian Pelangi Malaysia

Finally, after going back and forth on twitter about meeting up; Dian invited me and my lovely Scarflet sisters to the private opening of her boutique in Bangsar. I was beyond excited to be able to meet someone like Dian, so young (only 21 this year!) yet so successful and very inspiring, a muslimah fashion designer from Indonesia! Getting to see her collection in Malaysia first hand was such a surplus too. My first thought when I got to see Dian in person was OMG she's so tall! And so so pretty! As usual, I was out of words to say.. Speechless.. Do check out her blog, full of her travel photos and inspiring modest fashion shots ♥

Drop by the boutique at Jalan Telawi 2, Bangsar. It's infront of La Bodega.

The boutique!
Girlfriends <3

Which one is your favorite?

I'm sorta loving these;
The jacket! and the dress! Ooh la laaa!
looooooove the details on this jacket ♥
the dress and ain't the model so cute? She's so petite too :)
And this jacket is to die for! Was expecting to buy this but it was way over my budget at RM680 :( 

Dian and her models.
Datin Norjuma (VVIP of the event), Dian Pelangi and my shiny forehead.

It was such an amazing experience to be there! Each and everyone of us were given goodies bag and ofcourse I purchased Dian's signature tie-dye scarf, it was RM60 but we got 10% off that day! Weee :D So sad that the event finally ended, but not before we could take a group photo together! 

Thank you so much Dian & Datin NorJuma (Datin NorJuma was so friendly, me and the girls were literally staring at her in awe when she talked about pregnancy woes to Adriani. Starstrucked!)

Anyways, the day with Dian Pelangi didn't end there! We met up again the next day :D will blog about in my next entry coz phew there's are a lot of photooooooos haha. Thanks Dian for everything ♥

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  1. Wow masyallah her line is gorgeous masyallah! And u and ur girlfriends look fab!

    1. it is! if you ever come to Indonesia or KL, certainly you must get her line :)

  2. kak aimie bahirah x dtg ke??dh lama dia x update blog...btw, all of you are soooooo gorgeous!:)

    1. aimie busy that day but she joined us for the next day :)
      alhamdulillah terima kasih dear

  3. ka ami, aaa.. i love the way you wore hijab, hihii <3

  4. ami, absolutely i love her collection too.. i was planned to buy that songket jacket too.. tapi mahal sangat..

  5. Purple jacket, black pants fo sho!

  6. now i know who's dian is! tq for sharing!!!
    love y'all styles.. very unique, funky and most of all, COVERED!

    *i've been your silent reader for quite sometime, baru ni la ade courage nak tinggalkan comment, anyway, i need more followers, jom la follow my blog! hehehe.. tq!!


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