Maysaa Chiffon Scarf | Honey Pumpkin Buttoned Shirt | Beaded Collar Necklace, a souvenir from Bali from Kish (She writes poetry, surfs the ocean and back-pack travelling to lots of countries; I wish I am as daring & determined as she is <3) | Zara Tribal print Pants | Studded Blue Flats from Charles & Keith

*DIY signage by Shuz*
Went to ZVSH Studio at Soho Empire 2 nights ago for pot-luck iftar and apparently a surprise birthday dinner for me! Sneaky lil friends, I LOVE YOUS! ZVSH is my Shoplifter sister Shuz's design studio where she makes and design clothes. She also teaches sewing/pattern-making/drafting classes here, so if you are interested in knowing how to sew and designing clothes with your hands you can contact Shuz. She has a really distinctive sense in fashion and dare I say has received DEAN LIST achievement in almost each semester she was in UiTM. *proud sister*

Check out:
ZVSH on facebook

Grizzlaaay Beah. Totally out of character in this picture.

The Shoplifters + Emmy
Jejaka2 Ber-Diafragma Penuh + Naz

Please be warned that Grizzly is a feisty lil bear to strangers so since this is my first time meeting him, he's all wary and garang with me. Grrrrr! We're innocent of animal abuse, Grizzly was abusing us! 
Grizzly bertukar!

Let's break our fast.

SURPRISE! Best thing happens when you least expected of it :")
Turned 27. Thank you so much guys for the crepe cake and lovely surprise!!! Loooooooooooove!

Serious faces / funny faces / bloated faces.
Played Mafia vs Orang Kampung game. Losers had to eat and one can lose so many times until death becomes them. Fuh! 

Grizzly is being possessed and Shaman Shuz attempting to calm him.
Skateboard stunts by possessed Grizzly.
Growling Grizzly.

Anyways I had so much fun that night, it was nice to be around with people you care about and just be crazy every once in a while! Love this bunch of peeps <3
Tangan panjang = The Shoplifters.

some photos are courtesy of Tina.


  1. <3 had a total blast with you ladies at ZVSH. happy belated birthday ami!

    haha, bloated faces, u mean burhan is it? funny pic.

    tangan panjang = the shoplifters. approved!

  2. kan kan tangan panjang kan haha thanks for coming emmy :D LOVEYA!

  3. Salama Alaykum Ami,
    I keep checking your blog for updates..Hope you're feeling jazzy these days.
    Lots of love!

  4. salam..,. nak tanya yang tempat gantung banyak2 gambar tu beli kat mana? macam menarik jer.. :D

  5. salam nak tanya... tempat gantung gambar banyak2 tu beli kat mane? menarik tu..

  6. sis ami...i've read your story at NUR. sangat menyentuh jiwa. maera pun actually ade sakit2 camtu tp bukan leukemia.moga kita tabah dgn ujian Allah.amin..

  7. So glad I stumbled upon your blog. It's amazing. You're amazing :)

  8. i love ur blog! i can see you really take serious time for posting :)

  9. Love your shoes! Great to know that you're Malaysian too!

  10. Loving the pictures!

    Oh and I have almost the same pants :)



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