Nike Sportswear Fall/Holiday Collection

Nike Sportswear Fall/Holiday 2011 Collection
This season sees a variety of designs and colorways that keeps things fresh & fun. But the products are not merely hot just coz of the design - Nike Sportswear is now incorporating innovations seen in their performance lines into selected products giving long-wearing comfort & durability.

Was very fortunate to be invited to explore the rooms and spaces of "Nike Crib" last Friday at Faces Platinum Suites Show Gallery. In within those spaces was decorated with latest seasonal apparel and accessories of Nike Sportswear, taking a cue from Nike's strong association with authentic sport; the Nike Sportswear range has taken on a new motto of - 'Always On'. Realizing that sports is not only a game, it is a culture that have impacted every single person that have taken interest on it directly or even indirectly - Nike has created products that can be used in the lifestyle of the athlete completely; whether on the field or off-field. 

During the event, we were given chances to style through the latest pieces and create a look for the season. The girls were given a a male model and guys vice versa. It was quite fun picking and sorting things up with the new pieces from the season.
The models and celebrity, Joe Flizzow.

Was given Godiva chocolates as souvenir for guests that was fasting. There's me & Helenness Chong.

With the man himself, Mr. Joe Flizzow. Was psyched to know that he will be releasing content based video musics soon and would like to invite bloggers in the press release as well. Was even more psyched when he followed me back on twitter after I tweeted him that day! 

Definitely one of the best highlight of the year, I've been his fan since "Ala Canggung" hehe, and we have their Too Phat's original CD in our car that we took out to play every once in a while ;)

EDGY MINIMALIST, staying to only basic and dark colors with pops of edgy accessories.
Maysaa Chiffon Scarf | Purplish grey Oversized Shirt from Iamjetfuelshop | Bib necklace & random accesories, inspired by these arm party going on | Tapered trousers from The Shoplifters, I think this is the only black tailored pants I own! Damn. | Slitted wedges bought online, can't remember where it's so old the outer sole finally gave way that night :"(


  1. Girl you look so cool in that blouse, as usual you never fail to impress!!

  2. it's been quite a while since u posted ur outfit. beautiful! :)

  3. @soso, thanks love! trying to tone in down a lil in respect of Ramadhan :)

    @girl like i said in my previous post. i have been having some trouble and really dont feel like posting outfits shots when my mind is not in peace. feeling better now :)


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