WIWT: Sunday 18th

Photos from last Sunday, stayed over at my brother-in-law's house as Naz's parents came from Perak to go baby stuffs shopping for............................... my sister in law lah! Eheh, her due date is around 8th May.

Gedik santai with hubby baby. I love the natural lighting that made my face looked flawless~~

I actually bought two skirts from Cotton On the day before and they told me it was No Plastics Bags Day and since I didn't have any shopping bag with me that day, I had to carry it around like a thief! I even bought a pair of new sandals and I had to carry it on my arms in and out of other retail stores (while holding Cotton On's receipt in hand T_T). NOTETOSELF: always bring shopping bag on weekends.

So anyways I wore one of the new floral bandage skirts that day and my mother in law approves! XD

WHAT I WORE: vintage jacket, Topshop purple tee, Cotton On floral bandage skirt, Vincci sandals and Trendy Confessions hobo bag. Practically the same bag & shoe I wore from previous post coz I didn't bring a lot sleeping at their house :)

Anyways, two weeks before my wedding me and my girlfriends went out to do all the girly stuffs - eyebrow threading, pedicure & manicure and I spent my RM52 voucher to trim my hair at REPLACEMENT. I love how Shane took really good care of me eventhough we came in almost at closing hour and he even washed my hair twice, all I did was trim my hair! ♥

Fariza colored her nails yummy mocha latte!
We had our dinner at Nirwana, Bangsar and these girls are doing a peria goreng ad. Haha! I know Jezmine raves about this peria goreng!

p/s: Ask me anything, nicely :)



  1. ami, i asked 2 question! haha.

    on no plastic bag day, since it was implemented, i avoid shopping on saturday. haha. so much for a green campaign.

  2. hi ami! happynye dah kawen...
    eh babe, you buat brow threading dekat mane ye? thinking of doing mine soon..(soon as bulan 10 tapi dah tanye skarang hahaha)..
    i terfikir nak wat kat Benefit counter je, RM38 tapi tula i tanye u dulu..
    and u tau mane nak wat waxing for tooooot area tak? i'm just asking.
    too coward to do mine la..

  3. ahahaha i answered dah :D

    What is your signature look?
    i love wearing blazers/jackets. i carry them all the time eventho i might not wear it coz of the hot weather.

    who is your fashion muse and how do you incorporate their style in yours?
    i adore ashley olsen, olivia palermo, vintage kate moss and also karla from karla's closet. i love their clean quirky styles but i don't style myself exactly like them. i think i wear a mix of vintage and contemporary a lot.

    i asked them if they have paper bags coz yeah environmentally friendly lah kan but no they don't, instead they asked me to buy their shopping bag at RM25. Hmmmm takpelah.... ehehehe

  4. @izyan, ahahaha happy lah :D
    threading tu sebaris nirwana je, btol2 depan bangsar village. ada kedai india yg mcm salon tu. RM5 only for eyebrow threading. for brazilian wax pun ada kat bangsar. read here for more info:

  5. ami, lain la muka u dah kawen (meaning lain, hehe) but u look glowing, sudah kawen pasti content kan.. n tenang.. hopefully i akan tenang juga.. :)

  6. waaa. luv peria goreng too.. despite I hate veges

  7. masa gathering b2b tu i tatau pon sabtu adalah greenday no plastic bag ..bila i nak shopping i nampak apsal sume bw mcm tu tade plastic beg agak jakun rupanya selangor buat kempen ekk ..naper la kat KK tade mcm tue so tade laa byk sampah dah juga byk plastic disana sini ..

    Ami apa pun look qojesss okeh ..from this i ble blaja berfesyen ehehehe ... luv it!!!

  8. floral and vintage is perfection :)

  9. @nurulhuda, glowing ka? haha yes memang dah pastinya lebih tenang perasaan tu. no more stress induced zits and i don't know just rasa happy that we have eachother no matter what. hopefully akan kekal bahagia bersama forever and ever ehehehehehehe. you will feel the same, insyaAllah :)

    @aurinh, peria goreng kat situ tak rasa pahit pun coz betul2 garing. first time i suka makan peria banyak2 haha

    @sha, i dah lama tak shopping so i pun tak teringat langsung psl No Plastic Bags Day. Lesson learned. Anyways thanks ya, blog ni pun memang initially filled with fashion post + what interests me :D

    @poisonn amour, true that ♥

  10. dannnnggg!!! nirwana.. me n my frens hav another nickname for this place..
    nasi hantuuuu... sebab always crave nasi hantu nirwana. and the peria goreng of couurrrseee!!

  11. bleh tak nak cakap bestnya MIL approve the skirt! I dont mine will!hehe.

    oh ami, we have the same vincci sandal!

  12. eh mak naz tk kesah ke?
    pergh giler cool...last time i pakai leggings pon rase mcm ketaq lutut nk jumpa his family..(oh yea time tu tak plan sgt nk gi uma family dia..)

  13. @rosie & sarah, mak mentua tak kisah. siap suka lagi tgk buntut itik T_T, mak sendiri kisah juga sebenarnya uhuk3x.

  14. oi! bring a shopping bag everyday lah. ish ishhh degil.

    (parkson has some cute ones which can be folded and ada casing. very tiny can stuff into your purse. RM12.90. go check em out!)


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