Solemnization OUTFIT: final fitting

Alright finally transfered the photos from my Lumix, out of almost 600++ photos most of them are photos from Naz's business trip to Japan prior to our wedding T_T

But! I do have these photos waiting to be posted - photos taken during my final fitting of my solemnization outfit at MIMPI KITA, Bangsar. Pardon my lack of make-up, we drove there straight from work and madamoiselle was tired ahah.

Nurul helping me to clip the veil onto my hair, totally forgot to bring a scrunchie to tie up my hair in a bun.

The long veil I wanted!

Notice my super large zit? It has now dried off and my skin is so much better without the tiny zits accompanying it too! Flawless skin after wedding? That's not helping T_T

Totally feel like a princess in my nikah dress. I LOVE IT!!! And super glad I chose the ombre chiffon for my skirt. Thank you so much MIMPI KITA!

Thank you so much Nuwol! Heheheheheheheheheheh. I need to see you to give back the Nine West heels you so nicely offered to loan coz it matches my nikah outfit. Sweet tau.

I went back home grinning ear to ear and woke up with same facial expression, as I hung the outfit at the end of bed. Ahhhh ♥



  1. huh ..oneday i nak try mimpi kita punya design your nikah outfit ami the ekor2 blakang there i really adore your style ..wahhhhh sangat suka laa dear ... :) nak tanya your kain n the lace u beli kat mane ek??? if u don't mine .. :) like it so much!!!

  2. are u by any chance working in sony? i was having dinner in bangi just now and saw someone who looked like u in a sony vest? or is it a look a like? neway, congratss on ur wedding day :)

  3. Baju u semua cantik-cantik. I yang laki pun mampu mengakuinya. Ceceh

  4. baju awak nampak longgar sket ek?dh slim kot;p

  5. u dress is beautiful! n sgt2 classy. i love the details of the bottom of your dress. :)

  6. You're so cute Ami hahahaa.. Kelam kabut with the veil and all but I get you.. The material of my dress got caught in the zip cos i was also too tak sabar to try it on hehe.. Super anxious brides kan?

    Loved you dress ok? Sangat, sangat chantek!

    Ps. Is she pricey babe? Would love to send a dress to her for tailoring..

  7. woww!! classic! top part tu shantung ke?


  8. i so adore the ombre part! so cantik! and i'm itching to tempah baju at mimpi kita, perhaps for my bestie's wedding in oct. how are they ami? recommended?

  9. woww..fittin gmmg besh kan..woot woot.. nnti nk try jahit di sana..mana tau kena dgn body tembam daku ni..hehe

  10. Cantik sgt u punyer baju nikah....esp the patchwork detailing...!

    eh nak sewakan veil u tak??? ;D

  11. @sha pattinson, kain chiffon + thai silk tu nurul mimpi kita tolong pi belikan kat jakel. yang lace tu i beli kat bandung :)

    @starry eyed, ahah! you caught me and hubby at our most normal tired and stressed moment (stressed sebab tengah bincang2 psl duit) haha.. yes if u were eating at suraya thai, then yeah that was us :)

    @ayman, u memang ada good taste for a guy ececeh ;)

    @diah, yeah boobs part tu mak takleh nak tolong dah haha. tak pakai push-up or korset time tu so nampak kurus skit. and i rasa mmg ada turun sekilo dua before wedding.

    @aim, the tail is my favorite part too <3

  12. @sarah, u mesti tgk gambar2 kat fb dlu kans? haha memang kelam kabut gila nak pakai sbb excited hahahaha
    price dia okay2 gak la, normal kot. for kurung modern above RM80 gitu, x termasuk beadings la kan...

    @phia, shantung tu yg cane eh? same ke ngan thai silk? haha tak tau den :P

    @moose, i'm itching to try more ombre chiffon! and yes they are recommended. the tailoring is simply superb babe. and style dorang pun modern so itu yg i suka jugak

    @anil, non ado body tembam, awak kiut miut lah. cuba lah, mana tahu berkenan ke..

    @betty, i pun suka patchwork and beadings yg diorang buat. not easy to patch on a chiffon coz the lace can be heavy on the smooth chiffon. wow, sewa veil tu boleh je, nnt i confirm price ye :D

  13. Ooops.. Busted! Haha.. Yes babe! I read your "picture-book" on Facebook. Hence, as said before, you're so cute! ;p


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