What We Ate Today (19.04.2010)

On Saturday we went up to Sunway Pyramid to meet a client and then we decided to have our dinner at Pasta Zanmai since we've never eaten there before. Pasta Zanmai serves Japanese-Western fusion food so it was pretty interesting and tasty if I may say so :)

We chose this set - squid & prawn pasta with white sauce. It came in a large wok.

Part of the set - I think that's sweet soy sauced chicken with half cooked egg on top, with pasta. Salad with crab meat shredded and sesame sauce. And not to forget, miso soup. This meal is called double mini, so it's smaller than the original sized meal. For a first-timer, it's quite a good deal coz you get to taste two different meals without burning much in your pocket. This set was around RM20++ if I'm not mistaken.

Then we ordered a pizza, can't remember which but it was good! The pizza is crispy thin but was filling enough to be consumed for one average person.

And eversince Naz learnt from his Japanese friends about sharing foods, that's how we do it each time. We order a few meal, and share them together by eating it in small plates. These blue flowered plates were already on the table so it served our purpose. I think it's a very good practice, and you get to taste everyone's food! Haha XD

Our dessert, RM8 for 3 shot glasses of yogurt + fresh fruits + cookie crumbs/raisins.
We thought it was custard at first, but yogurt it was! I love yogurt so I have no qualms about this, but it surely is a nice dessert idea for people coming over for dinners or just supper at nite :)

Tapi comel;

What I Wore that day;
Yellow eyelet top from Selltrade_KL back in the days, vintage high-waisted skirt from Soak Republic bazaar sale, The Shoplifters denim vest, Trendy Confessions hobo bag, Vincci nude brown with purple bejeweled embellishments.

Been abandoning fashion posts since the wedding preparation started, so whut up fashionsistah!



  1. Haha sekarang keluar dah jadi your husband kan! Lain tak rasa?

  2. hahahahaha lain macam rasa tambah tambah tambah ♥ :P~

  3. homigod! pretty pretty skirt!

    Ami! now you make me wanna try Pasta Zanmai! =)))

  4. thanks yanny! u orang jepun mesti lah try pasta zanmai and give out your true opinion about it, you mesti lagi terrer dr i kan :D

  5. Rasa makin hot tak jadi bini orang? Macam .. wow i'm so wanted. Ewah.

  6. lol whut?! anna hahahahah. hmmm come to think of it, ada lah sikit but not lah wow hotnya aku but more like sigh, finally i belong to someone! XD

  7. ami would u blog about your wardrobe? how do u arrange your wardrobe? :)

  8. hahahaha hmmm funniest request, so embarassing to talk abt my wardrobe as my clothes are scattered everywhere in the house. but the most important things or yg i paling sayang i akan sangkut kat railing - jackets/blazers + jeans/harem pants + dresses + lovely kurungs/kebaya + a few tops. maybe one day i'll blog about it :)

  9. hahahaa. yeah was just wondering.. bcoz i dont hv much clothes pun my wardrobe is soo unorganized.. was wondering how other ppl organize their wardrobe. hehehe. hope that blog abt wardrobe day comes soon hehehehe

  10. YUM YUM YUM! Amazing food pics! I love your little outfit as well! So cute and vintage feeling ;)

  11. waahhh terpancar muka bahagia dan seri pengantin baru heheheeh comel ..hikhikhik ...bunyi cam sedap nnti nak try nak bawa husband ..hikhik ...selamat makan hiksss ..u look hot yaa !!!!

  12. Wowwie! The food looks sangat sedap. Especially the pizza (I'm a sucker for pizzas, especially the real Italian sh*t hehe..)

    OOoooohhh and the yoghurt! Yummy!

    Will definitely try to eat there sometime.. Thanks for sharing Ami!

  13. @starryeyed, once i have my own walk-in closet i'll blog about it haha XD

    @charlie, it sure is yummy! thanks btw.

    @nurul, sedaaap. pegi lah try!

    @sha, hahahah berseri2 la skit tak payah stress2 dah hahahaha. thanks anyway *blushing*

    @sarah, where are the best pizzas in your opinion sarah? these are japanese-western fusion food so you best be warned haha. yoghurt tu cam boleh buat kat rumah kans?

  14. In my opinion, the best pizzas at "dirt cheap" prices can be found at Hartamas Square, Asia Cafe Subang & Ming Tien PJ (they all belong to the same franchise). Itu memang pizza murah yang terbaik! Pernah try tak? Yeah, the yoghurt can be done at home. Tapi kalau kat rumah, I have to prepare. This one got people prepare for me hehe..

  15. ok blog about ur wardrobe, now! haha.. sama masalah mcm starryeyed, messy diva sangat2, i guess :((

    eh, lupa la nak ckp kt entry atas, ur mil sangat sporting, i have to like change bit when it comes to meeting mil, fuh.. torn between..

  16. I pernah makan dekat that Pasta Zanmai and ordered seafood pasta something. It feels weird having to eat a cold pasta since i'm so used to eat piping hot one. my fiance ordered pizza something something and it also cold. pelik gila. we thought since it's japanese fusion so normal la cold the way they serve the food different. after that we never went back.

    sarah, will check those places out! i want to eat damn italian pizzas with thin crust and overflowing cheese! damn, those calories. haha

  17. @moose, that's weird coz the food we had was pretty warm as i can recall :)

    @sarah, tak pernah try! looks like gotta get our asses there and have a few bite :D

    @nurul, i pun usah cakaplah memang messy diva gila kot. my husband (eceh) je yg sangat kemas orangnya, rajin lak tu mengemas so i have to follow his steps. tu lah my MIL suka puji2 i if pakai dresses or skirts or if i dress a lil bit. thank god lah kan.

  18. Moose: You've been in Europe right? So YOU know the kinda awesome pizzas you can get there.. The ones I was talking about yang kat Hartamas, Subang and PJ tu are almost just as gooooooooood! Better still, a large will cost you maximum RM21!!

    Ami: Yes Ami! Kindly drag your butts to the nearest location and eat away. Seriously, you WILL love it!


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