WIWT: Berrrry Lucky!

SUGARSCARF scarf / THEPOPLOOK slinky peplum top / ZARA pants

These pictures were actually taken by my mother in law! Love how they turned out, it was quiet a no brainer with my Lumix GF1 semi-auto cam but since Mak has never ever handled it before all her 50+ years of age it was such a delight to see these good shots even on her first try. Honestly Mak, you do it even better than Ajoi (Naz's family name).. Sssshhh, don't tell him that -_-" Thanks Mak for the photos :-*

I also have to give credit to a few wonderful Bare Minerals makeup that I just received after attending their Blogger Dinner sometime ago. In this look, I wore Bare Minerals primer called Prime Time (I absolutely loooove the silky feel it gives).. Eh, wait! I think I actually forgot to put the primer that day, anyways I proceeded with their newly launched product which is Bare Minerals READY SPF20 Foundation, dabbed on some concealer (to cover up nasty acne scars & dark circles.. sigh!), Bare Minerals Blusher & my current most favorite lipgloss from Bare Minerals which is Marvelous Moxie in Party Starter (orangey pink shade, which is very cooling and leaves lips looking plump & glossy!) I think the lipgloss will be launched in Malaysia soon ♥

In my opinion over the new Ready Foundation from Bare Minerals, I really like it coz it's super light and I can barely feel it on my skin (unlike any other foundation which feels cakey & just like a whole other skin), even my friends said my skin looks flawless (which is so not true and made me laugh!). I guess a more detailed review post of the Bare Minerals makeup is due huh? Maybe in my next entry!



  1. so cute ami!! <3 bile nak lepak, rindu nak catch up;))

  2. sis comel sgt! I really meant it, nk sgt jpe sis one day cuz you remind me of my mother in term of how strong you are.. be happy sis! *lambai2 dr jauh :)


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