WIWT (&stuffs for sale)

A pic of me 20 days ago;

Polkadot Bow top from Pumpkin, Smarty Pants (I'm selling coz it's a lil big for me) from The Shoplifters, Chameleon Sequin flats from The Shoplifters, studded diamante hairband from local night market RM5 / USD1.50, pearl bracelet a gift from Adik.

Also selling this Geometric Leggings, and more second hand goodies available at Shoplifters' Leftovers.

Do visit Neue Fashion 39 - added Rihanna Full Bloom Blazer, Studded Fringe dress, Sequin Bodycon dress & Perforated Pleather Jacket.

Also Monday Monsieur 25 (for the boys) - added Metallic Hi-Top Sneakers, Heavy Loaded Suede messenger bag, Sailor Dude button down shirt, Mr. Plaid II button down shirt.

Do remember we accept payment via Paypal and no matter where you live, we can ship it out to you.

I think most of my readers are silent teenage girls below 20 years old, who sometimes love to reblog without giving out credit. If you are older, then shame on you! Slightly annoying especially if I find out about it. Give credit where credit is due.



  1. Your shirt is super rad:)

  2. Exchange links? I'll totally follow you! You've got killer style! :D P.s. THOSE LEGGINGS ARE AMAZING! Ha, I love that name; "Shoplifters' Leftovers." Ah, man. :)

  3. Really nice pictures! Your top is just gorgeous! Really enjoying the blog!

  4. ahh the sequins are amazing. i first saw it at nicchi now it's exploding everywhere, at vincci, and nose. it's sold out in my size everywhere =( yours pun dah sold out. my mom suka gile the labuchi, haha, i suppose old folks are into the glittery stuff.

    i like your smarty pants! they are amazing. i don't think i can carry it off though, but you do it so well.


  5. hey Melanie, thanks for linking me back. you are super cute! Shoplifters name was thought by my friend haha, rad no?

  6. thanks Mens Casual Jackets, glad you enjoyed my blog :D

  7. @junee, i clearly remembered us bringing in the sequin flats way before Vincci did and being so proud about it haha. But like us, they must have gotten the inspiration from Prada and all the other sequin trends last season :)

    anyway thanks! I think anyone can carry off Smarty Pants :)


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