HUNTED thefacehunter (& otherstuffs)

On 31st October, about two weeks ago,

I just received my second bonus of the year from the company, got a good grade.. would've been better if I really put in an effort and stop monkeying around. Anyways woke up really early for a Saturday morning at 7am, did my make-up and don up a baju kurung to attend a wedding, Naz's STARian friend. But first we stop by at Honda service centre to pay up our car insurance & taxes, goodbye money. Then we went to the supplier to pick up new stuffs for The Shoplifters, we've just updated, check it out:

Detachable Epaulets, Vintage Alexa Briefcase, Cosmic Shoulder dress, Studded Grecian dress.
We do international shipping too!

Then we went to Subang for the wedding, apparently we arrived early, the first few among the gang to arrive. Foods were hefty, I ate as much as I could lol. There were also ice creams & cendol. Nice!

The wedge that I wore that day, I'll take a better picture of it next time.

Afterward, around 4pm we went to Uptown, changed my clothes and headed to Wondermilk. Man I was more punctual than punctual that day. The word was Face Hunter was gonna be there so I'm gonna go hunt him down, demand to take a photo with him and go home, yeah that was the plan all the while waiting for Tina to come pick up Neue Fashion stock from me. Had sandwiches and steaks and wondermilk punches. Yvan arrived two hours later and Tina arrived later later. But I was also there to meet with cutesy pie Lyana from Uberlove to get this from her. One of my best buy of the month. And also I got to meet a lot of people that day, in Wondermilk alone.

grumpy baby

Met Anna again, the uber talented photographer.

Was so nervous, I couldn't even smile, sorry about that Yvan! Photo was taken by Farah Nadia & Tati, the stylish sisters.

Me and Tati.
Was wearing; Sartorialist studded jacket, long strong shouldered tee, my favorite Primark heart tiered necklace, glossy leggings and studded boots.

Me, Raessa & Eka. Posing as cats in the last picture.

Was so tired and we headed home after passing the The Shoplifters' stuff to Tina. But I had a good time, just wish I wasn't so nervous for nothing. Oh well!


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