One of those list

Yay yay!

  • Mp3 player Philips 2gb baru sampai! Freeeee courtesy of Citibank-Philips campaign

  • I AM GOING ON A HOLIDAY YAY!! Dimanakah tempat membeli-belah best di Jakarta? Spill the beans!
  • I belum packing barang lagi boo!
  • I can't stop shopping online despite the fact that I have to save money for the trip boo!
  • Tax return cheque(sp) RM96 is waiting for me at home yay!
  • I woke up at 730am today and have to go to work by 8! Terer!
  • I haven't apply unpaid leave for Monday 15th lagi boo!
  • I've lost a lot of weight, my office girlfriends say I have chubby cheeks but a bony body -_-
  • What's up with people who calls up the wrong number, yells and have no courtesy to say sorry and just hang up. Bitch.
  • My emotions are easily triggered lately, I'm easily pleased, easily irked, easily kenyang, easily sleepy, easily emotional.
  • Nak retail therapy tapi tak dapat-dapat lagi, sabar sabar Jakarta I'm coming to you.....
  • Saya suka conformist commenter, lol. I don't update as often and most of my updates are about me, myself & I. And Shoplifters. Or Urban-Retro.
  • I'm totally scared of ph zdr (paham tak?), tapi takpelah I'm not a famous blogger nor do I update any good stuffs for her to bash me. But sangat kasihan dengan mereka yang saya kenal dan dikutuk sebegitu rupa oleh dia.. Kadang-kadang ph zdr reminds me of Perez Hilton versi dunia blogger.
  • I like Givenchy shoes, yet to find any peep-toe boots that I like except for this, yeah yeah yeah, soo last season kan my taste? Ofcourse I would not mind a cheaper knock-off, dude I don't have 10k pay per month alrite. First two pictures Givenchy Spring 2009, and two last pictures Givenchy Fall 20-0-0-8. I'm still a sucka for black + gold.
  • I'm having semi-major breakouts on my skin, tu la malas nak cuci muka lagi lepas balik kerja. Padan muka. And Clinique set dah habis, seperti rasa tak satisfying pakai set tu.. semakin berminyak adalah. Any other suggestions? What do you gal/guy use for skincare?
  • Hmmm hmmm.. Nanti kat Jakarta nak buat treatment rambut and maybe change my hairstyle a bit. Mengikut jejak langkah Aoki, hohohohoho. Bukanlah warnakan sehingga berkarat tapi tengoklah nanti macammana, nak potong pendek sayang pulak.
  • Okay bye.
  • EDIT. I think I may need a faux leather skirt. Or a leather skirt. + Patterned tights.


  1. leather bandange skirt! i pun nak please!

  2. babe who is ph zdr?? mind telling? LOL

  3. haha i think i found it dahhh! scaryyyy LOL

  4. ami you tahu tak ada benda nama yahoo answer? cuba you tanya situ dekat

    klik travel
    klik asia pasific
    klik indonesia

    then tanya lah soalan to the people there. hehe, tanya je local people kat sana nanti. bestnya!

  5. :P i actually dah ada 3 page rough guide yang dibuat oleh miss aoki a few months back sebab dah lama plan nak pegi sana

    tapi saja mahu bertanya di sini :)

  6. @shuz, i found one at amcorp. a bit long though :[

  7. ph zdr tu bahaya. kalah mama juwie.
    tapi loser gila takde kerja.

  8. nak gi jakarta?
    i was there a few months back and terus dapat food poisoning.
    so, makan kena jaga.

  9. nanti dah pergi jakarta bagitahu i pulak shopping mana best, aih shopping jelah orang perempuan ni

  10. I think I may need to BE Mary Kate and take over her fortune wwwwwooooooowwwwwwwww and buy boots for RM2k and don't sweat about it. Hmmmmm

  11. Wah Ami nak pergi holiday.
    Enjoy your holiday!:)

  12. best nye mau g holiday. have fun there ;)

    ooh, that ph zdr tu mmg nasty lah.. bahaya2. huhuhu..

  13. bibs i've changed my blog url. too much unnecessary exposure (uni-mates lor).

    go change your link ok? <3

  14. uhh haven nie..
    have a safe trip..
    p/s: dior snow skin care amatlah disyorkan..=)

  15. tiba2 saya juga terasa seperti PERLU memiliki leather/PVC skirt!

    awak lah ni! ishhhh....

  16. ami..enjoyyy...

    jgn lupe g mangga dua, tanah abang, plaza indonesia (kt cni brg2 nye clas giler)

    aiyak..kalu byk ari pi..sgghlah bandong..aduhhh..!!! lg shopping heaven ctu!! naik bas 2 stgh jam jek.. sne byk branded outlet...

    mne tao ade leather skirt ker...ngeh..ngehh...


    lastly take care!!



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