New items!

I have another drafted entry pending for me to continue ramble but meh, these are more important!

The Shoplifters were featured in KLUE & Berita Harian (eheh!). It seems like many many moons ago that the interview was done but now both article come out at the same month! At the very end of year, what a great closure of 2008 for The Shoplifters. This baby girl made momma so proud!

Pinjam gambar ni dari Kitsch Snith, versi online ada disini.

Thank you sangat-sangat buyers of The Shoplifters. I heart you.

Pakaian lelaki minggu ini:

Pakaian wanita alaf baru versi Shoplifters:

akan muncul esok di Neue Fashion 17.

Urban-Retro pun tambah product jugak hehe:
  1. Casio Solar Powered Battery-Less Watch
  2. Casio Dual Time Chronograph Watch

Dah, end of advertisement.

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