You can Quarantine me in a Shoe Store

Oh they're definitely mine now. Been eyeing them ever since I saw it at the secret secret shoe shop. Previously they had it in purple (Ok, I tried but I can't find the picture). So anyway after doing like months of thinking (serius beb), I finally succumbed and tricked my boyfriend to go to that place. I said I wanted to look at washing machines, which I really do coz my housemate just moved out and took along her washing machine & fridge but my main point was to buy the shoes. Hah! He says okay he wants to look at ovens cause he wants to bake/make nachos. He's adorable like that.

Anyway the shoes were only RM100 after 10% discount. I LIKE. Eheheheheh, now they only have silver & black left. I'm gonna keep the store as a secret cause there some flats that I like which are only RM39.90, most of its gladiator shits are around that price except the one that I like the most -_-"

Talking about washing machines, I realized that it's time to start buying home appliances of my own since I'm living alone now. There, I said it. It's really sad actually, not having a housemate but who am I to blame when her boyfriend wants to take it to the next level. KAHWIN.

I love browsing home appliances and dreaming about a house of my own, it's so satisfying at a certain level! I also remembered LG's decorated washing machine I found a few months ago. Look how nice do they look! In other words, CANTIK BANGAT!!

I CAN HAS THIS? Also found another interesting one from Samsung, Hauzen Washing Machines:

But the Samsung has way too much color than I like, kan? Apart from drooling over washing machines and oven and fridges, we went to watch Quarantine. We intended to watch Madagascar2, we're not the type to watch animation movies really but what else is there? But the only available seats for Madagascar2 was the front row seats. Uh no thank you, Quarantine please.

After watching the dizzying, surprise shock effects and loads of screaming and wailing in the movie. I was left trembling on the seat. Why la I tengok movie ni????? It's the home-video type like Cloverfield but the zombie type exactly like Will Smith's I am Legend. Atleast I am Legend had some emotional effect on me eg. the dog died, zombie got smarter, there's other people selain Will Smith. But Quarantine really is a blunt zombie type of movie. Get bitten > be a Zombie > kill kill die die. Nope, I NO LIKE. Mainly because I'm a scaredy cat. One should wonder how I'm able to live alone. Okay dah lah I wanna put an advert looking for a housemate right away!

I hate going home to an empty cold space anyway.
*cries a river*

Last but not least, this is in my wishlist:


  1. Hey babe!

    omg, i have the same pair of shoes! :D

    the secret store is also my favorite cheap-shoes store. Hehe.

    the store starts with M kan? Hehe.

  2. linked u too..waaa..where's it the secret shoe store??hehehehe

  3. alamakkk
    im watching quarantine this sunday.
    now i dunno...maybe i shoudnt.
    i pun pengecut ok. tak tau lah mimpi apa nak gi tgk.siap dah beli tickets tadi.fuh bersemangat.

    p/s: shoes very cool. like u.


  5. i found the same exact shoes at the store which starts with i know..well there are several pairs which i like too but how come i didnt see those lovely pairs at their store in ou but i only found out during my visit to sunway pyramid today..huhuhu

  6. beetle queen! hmm leanna rite? hehehe, yep it starts with M.

    why lah M always so mysterious? Mr M, MM, agent M maybank2u.. ish ish ish

  7. dzu, how was quarantine?

    you always make blush like crazy. no, the shoes are cool macam you ;)

  8. ladyesah, kannnnnnnnn! heheheheheheh <3

  9. kat sunway pun ada ke? i went to the nearest to my place, well some shoes are overpriced which you can probably find cheaper online. but you can't beat buying shoes at shop coz you can try it on before hand. which i like ;)

  10. i nak jugak kasut ni. i found a few tapi semua pun ada platform. share share!

  11. kaki u kan lagi gajah dari i -__-


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