WIWT ni macam weewit je?

What I wore on Saturday to meet the girls and jalan-jalan:

Don't I look a lot like my father? That's his wedding picture on my vanity desk :)

Wide Flower Curved Headband // Jualan Tepi Kilang, RM3
Chiffon Vintage Dress // Soak Republic
Coin Cincher // Malacca
Hobo Bag // Trendy Confessions
T-Bar Flats // Secret Secret Shop

When I wore this dress, there was a man with full body tatoo complete with dragons & chinese enscriptions asked me was the dress I'm wearing are old folks zaman dulu-dulu punya. That instantly put a smile on my face (I was already in glee being a store with everything that I want and that added more sparkle to my smile) and I replied,"yes, it's vintage!". Then he proceed to ask whether I was wearing my mom's or grandmother's ancestors dress. I said no, I bought it. He was ,"oooohhh". I was


What I wore on Sunday for photoshoot then to KLCC:

Black Beanie // The Shoplifters
NF15 Slanted Top // The Shoplifters (weird pocket, which I cut out as soon as I got home. Mungkin jugak macam poket Baju Melayu, poket mintak duit raya haha!)
Plastic Raincoat Vintage Skirt // Nina-One
Purple Owl Necklace // Green Bananas
Triple Way Big Ass Dump Bag // courtesy of The Shoplifters
Brown Striped Corduroy Jacket // Monday Monsieur 4 @ The Shoplifters

We did the photoshoot at a shopping complex's roof top parking lot, and I think that's the best spot and we're gonna do it again and again and again. There were people staring as they pass by but with my konon-konon professional habis tripod and small nikon camera, don't forget, serious modelling poyo expressions, ofcourse buat tak tahu sajalah. Hardly a nuisance!

Oversized Ruffle Collared Cardigan // Tic Tac Toe

Sila lawat.


  1. that dress/top actually looks pretty once ironed and stuff!

    we're meeting this weekend for a second photoshoot ok, since the pink one's with me.

  2. it's actually works best as a jacket coz the placing of buttons. I can't button up the last one or else it will be too tight on the bottom and puffed up on top. Kelakar on me T_T, but I like it :))

    You suka the pink/maroon one?

  3. hehe..ami..bju purple n white tu gorgeous ok... curikkk boleh??

  4. uhuhuhuhuhu baju purple tu will be available in Neue Fashion 15 next week :)

    baju putih jangan curik! hehe

  5. photoshoot mcm tu mmg sure rmai pandang.. u buat la muka mcm da biasa modelling hehe silap2, ada mintak autograph :P

  6. i behind the camera je mostly, sebab photoshoot Monday Monsieur hehe.. tapi saje menyebok nak tangkap WIWT :P

  7. no lah the pink one kan ehem ehem. wait actually, the purple one's with me. hehe.

  8. awak. my new blog's up. :D:D
    come visit okay :)


  9. bila nak buat photoshoot kat wondermilk?


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