The Woman behind Women’s Weight Loss Journey

Last week I was fortunate enough to be invited to a Bloggers Workshop titled “The Woman behind Women’s Weight Loss Journey – Slimming Centres and Its Effectiveness”, by Marie France Bodyline.

There, I get to meet the woman behind Marie France Bodyline and get to share her opinions & inspirations in life & towards educating ladies in achieving a slim silhouette, the first woman CEO in Marie France;

Amy Quek Swee Li
Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of Marie France Bodyline

Amy first kick started her career as a Consultant in Marie France Singapore in the year 1989, after 2 diligent years working she was promoted as General Manager for both countries, Singapore & Malaysia! Amy also played a huge role in the expansion of Marie France Bodyline in other parts of South East Asia including Indonesia, Brunei & Thailand. For all her efforts in Marie France, in 2001 Amy was promoted to Regional Operations Director and soon climbed the corporate ladder and was given the responsibility as Chief Operation Officer (COO) in 2005. Finally in June 2012, Amy was the first female to become Marie France Bodyline’s Chief Executive Officer (CEO).

Such an amazing achievement (don’t you all agree?), and after 20 years of experience in the beauty & slimming industry, Amy is definitely the expert in making women feel & look beautiful from the inside to outer. The mother of two has always believed in making a women feeling good about them is the fundamental core that has been around since Cleopatra days and will always be till the end of time. When asked whether she would allow her own daughter to go through Marie France Bodyline treatment, she said why not as the treatment offered at MFB is not just about losing weight but also about targeted inch-loss which can be cater accordingly to each customer’s needs. Therefore if her own daughter feels the need to do it, of course she would be more than happy to assist her in getting & looking beautiful and garnering her confidence in health & beauty.

Comfy treatment bed ♥

Honestly, slimming centre has always intimidated me because I’m afraid if I would get sucked in with their offers when I probably don’t need any? But Amy has explained that being the first in slimming brands known worldwide, Marie France has created a Price Transparency policy which kick started in September 2012. What in the world is Price Transparency policy you say? Well it actually means, the price you see on the catalog is the same price you’ll see at all MFB slimming centers nationwide. There will be no hidden charges; therefore you don’t need to waste your time and badger different MFB centre to get the best price because they are already providing you with the best ones!

One of the friendly consultant at Marie France Bodyline, all the consultants here are trained to be
cheerful and always giving you motivation and words of encouragement in order to help you get
through all the treatment.

What put my mind even more at ease is that before you start any sort of treatment at Marie France Bodyline, safety measures are taken whereby the consultants will interview your medical history and have you check, and they will even do a patch test just in case you are allergic to any sort of product. Aside from that, they will also check your BMI (body mass index) and body fat index. Only necessary recommendations will be made, and fret not as we were told that MFB also provides nutritionists to work together and plan your healthy diet.

We were also introduced to Marie France’s latest treatment which has been certified by the World Health Organisation (WHO) and has garnered much attention from medical professionals all over the world. The Acoustic Radial Therapy (ART) is created to help women of all ages in fighting cellulite issues, caused by hormonal or age related laxity of the connective tissues. The treatment can be administered on the common problem areas of the body, such as arms, thighs, abdomen and love handles.

Though women would generally prefer an effortless weight loss fix, however in Marie France, we encourage our customers to follow our holistic meal and exercise plans in order for them to see maximum results from their weight loss regime and enjoy better health as a whole too,” concluded Amy.

All in all it was such an inspiring time well spent with the first female CEO of Marie France and I learned quite a lot from her about the principles of Marie France Bodyline and the works. Can’t wait to come back and try out the Acoustic Radial Therapy or maybe just go through their evaluation about my body
coz honestly I’ve gained quite a bit... Oops!


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