Talia Joy: Make-up is My Wig

The first time I heard about Talia was from twitter but I didn't really bother clicking on the link, but then I received my daily Refinery29 mail and one news article featured Talia in it. What attracted me the most was this kid is only 12 years old, has cancer and video-blogs her progress on youtube! And I thought I was the smart one blogging my struggle with leukaemia, naww Talia beat me to it. I mean video, why didn't I think of that?? Ok  first of all, to come out and admit to the world alone that you have a deadly disease is really not easy, for me putting it into words is one of the struggle on its own but I totally salute Talia for being able to record her experience and inspire a lot of people at the very tender age of 12.

The other thing that makes me want to watch her video was that she shares make-up tutorial! Without wearing her wig, completely bare and open about her sickness and mind you not at all shy of her bald head (not that she has to, I remember feeling very light & liberated from having to take care of hair and I bet she feels the same way) but but she has this utter huge confidence to do make-up tutorials in her own way (I mean I love wearing make-up but I think I only learned how to properly use them only recently! /shy). Salute salute salute to you Talia. I guess I do see some similarity of me & Talia because we're both fighting cancer but in our own stylish way.. Awwwww! ♥

Alas, the latest video from Talia is probably the most heart-breaking. You might need to prepare some tissues;
:( sort of reminds me of myself as well.. I don't have a match for my stem cell transplant too, had relapsed and  hmm.. I'm taking oral chemo pills again... Hmm. Ooh and we're also both born in August. Feels weird to have so much similarities with a person you only know through the net. Ah well..

I hope I hope I wish I wish and I pray that Talia will get through her cancer, and live the longest that she can and the happiest that she can be, and getting to be the celebrity make-up artist that she longs to be, go to all the wonderful places in the world and experience just all the wonderful things while she still can. I understand her decision for not wanting to go through transplant / surgery anymore, I guess if I was in her place I would do the same.

The saddest part from her latest video was when she said.."every journey has an end..."
Breaks my heart..


  1. Admirable and wonderful little girl. So strong a person, at a very young age of 12. I pray for her and for you too. Take care!


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