WIWT: From Runway to Realway

#SERIOUSTALK: Drafted this entry for almost a week now, been feeling sick and super feverish to the point I was shivering really hard with teeth clattering and head shaking even I had to ask mom to hug me to warm me up. It was hell to go through, certain antibiotics does give those kind of side effects. It's really crazy. And my temperature is haywire, from 40+ celcius to 36 celcius. In this ward, 37.5 celcius and above is considered fever. So I'd either be having fever at night or in the morning or both for the past few days, it was lethargic, it was stressful and it was especially taking a toll on me when patches of hair starts to fall off again. I mean like super large blotch of patches. I was prepared for it the first time I had chemo around this time last year but since this one is a relapsed, 3 weeks after being warded only now you wanna fall down on me? God grant me patience... Anyways, today I feel better. Naz told me to say "Today will be better!" and I tweeted that and it is better. Sometimes you just gotta visualize it and believe in yourself. Allah works in mysterious ways ♥ I'm in my Day 24 at the hospital and good news is my white blood cells has gone up 0.2 after days being stagnant at 0! I know I know, baby steps. Normal people should have 4 - 11 white blood cell counts. Well, didn't say I was normal right? ;p

#FASHIONTALK: So this is what I wore to the hijab photoshoot for Women of Malaysia happened in mid April, I used Miu Miu Spring/Summer RTW 2011 as color reference ;)
WHAT I WORE: Schanaz Scarf Pearl , my own scarf line available at SHOP SPUTNIKSWEETHEART | MIMPI KITA neon yellow top, bought during their sale here | The Shoplifters equestrian pants | Suede Stylish belt in Turquoise from Shop SputnikSweetheart | Vintage Box Bag, glad Naz talked me out of selling this | Schanaz Scarf Turquoise from Shop SputnikSweetheart tied on the bag | Turquoise ring from Stellar | My peep toe wedding pumps ♥

My color references;

via SeaofShoes; as you can see I'm head of over heels for this collection!

Me and the stuffs from TiC Store!

Me & Eyqa with Shafiqah, editor of Women of Malaysia :)

And honored with Mizz Nina, Malaysia's talented celebrity donning Schanaz Scarf in Nude Beige for her photoshoot with Women of Malaysia :)

Check her out!

Do check out another outfit post in reference to the same Miu Miu collection I did { here }



  1. A combo with fewer patterns and more bold colours adds that luxurious feel and is very flathering to your skin tone.


  2. Aww. Mashallah, you are really strong!! :)

    Hope you get better, and remember to dua to Allahswt.

  3. incredible the shadow! well as ur outfit strong as usual n smoga terus sihat k ^^


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