ZOMBIE TRONS x Stylish Blogger Award

Hello, these were photos on the day Shuz displayed her collection for Disney Tron early December 2010.

Pashmina - a shop in Alamanda.
Vintage sleeveless blazer.
Diamante brooch - a birthday gift from Emmy, Diva.
Slouchy shirt - G2000.
Olive skirt - F21.
Grey box bag - The Bags Galore.

Shuz and her models, I don't know who is that person no 3 from the left.

Lady Gaga, Tina & Angah (Tina's fiance).

After the runway show, as usual we went to mamak and filled our stomachs.

Zombie Boys - Naz, Shairazi, Omar, Majin.

On another note surprisingly I was given an award by a fellow hijab fashionista from our neighboring country, Indonesia. Thanks Wulandari Sofwan for the kind gesture ♥

I have to share 8 things about myself;
  1. I am the fifth child of six, last daughter.
  2. Born & bred in Perak, Malaysia. Have an Acheh heritage but quite far up in the family line.
  3. I'm not skillful at cooking but I love to try :)
  4. I was diagnosed of cancer on 17th May 2010, 17th May is the date my father passed away when I was 13 years old. He died of lung cancer, and he's not a smoker.
  5. I'm a seafood lover, but doctor has banned me from eating them since.
  6. I was once called Daria in high school, due to my emotionless face, LOL.
  7. I'm actually a senior engineer in a Japanese company.
  8. TV series that I'm into currently: Gossip Girls, Vampire Diaries, Glee, True Blood, Criminal Minds, The Mentalist,
With that I forward this award to 8 other bloggers I recently discovered:


  1. waa thanks sis Ami! hehe. nanti if i free i buat ok =)

  2. I love this look,ami! About time u open an account in plak hehe -- keep on inspiring me more, wonderwoman!

  3. Shuz is so talented! I love her passion!

    Can you please tell Emmy that she's stunningly beautiful? By a blogger named Zureen. :D

    Hope you get well soon Ami, praying for you!

  4. kak ami.. kak ami.. I link ur belog erk.. :)

  5. @cik epal, huhu takpe2 saya tahu cik epal busy :)

    @along, ha ni nak marah ni. lama dah kot ada lookbook account, tak prasan ka soh dah hype gambaq2 lama tu haha

    @Z, baiklah akan saya sampaikan. she's my inspiration on trying on hijab, cantik kan emmy <3

    @ladydyla, silakan2 :)

  6. Ami!! thank you so much. I don't deserve this hehe. anyway I really want to do this but how? mind to teach me how since Im very kolot heehehehehe

  7. wahh baru baca post ni. we so sweeeet! ;)

  8. Ami..thanks for posting the award,such an honour, kiss from Indonesiaa :*


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