J'adore Ashley

Ashley Olsen, style icon (via Olsen Anonymous).
Wore black chantilly lace yesterday, will upload the photos soon.

Hello, hope it's not too late to wish you Happy New Year 2010! I've been fairly busy the past week, going back home to my mom's and laid down the ground work for my upcoming wedding. Which is in 3 months!!! I'm feeling all sorts of emotion but most of all I can't wait for the wedding day and be all Queen B about it haha :D Ya know, Queen B? As in Queen Bride :P lol

Met our local bride's fashion designer & make-up artist for design of the dresses that I want yesterday. I'm glad Amir Mirza & Alfad are very understanding and accommodating, both are highly recommended by Yash & Wati. Plus they have delectable taste in fashion too! I presented the design that I want and Amir gave me his inputs which actually complemented the design itself. Amir is actually a young and brooding fashion designer who worked under Jovian Mandagie in his early years and help made Ning Baizura's intricately beaded Jawa wedding dress. He has worked for Liyana Jasmay, Shahila, Erra Fazira and most recently designed for my friend's traditional wedding dress in Kedah (honestly I'm a lil bit clueless about local celebrities fashion, I probably gawked shamelessly hearing Amir told the tale of his young life). Whilst Alfad has 10 years experience as a make-up artist, and bless this guy he also works as a government officer in the art & culture department (if I'm not mistaken) and doing bridal make-up as hobby and side-income. Learned a lot about these guys yesterday I decided not to look for other designers after a lengthy almost 5 hours discussion at Devi's Bangsar. Interesting info, Alfad also has a hobby of making feathered hats and hairbands which he also sells to his regular customers. He's gonna make one for me :D

I can't wait for our next get-together for fabric hunting!


  1. Can't Wait to see the end results Ami..mesti cantik giler...and congrate my dear;)

  2. i j'adore her too! happy new years, its not too late ;)

  3. can't hardly wait for the dress...! he he he...

  4. @Tee, hopefully so lah kan coz nak kawin once in a lifetime.. hee tak sabar nak tengok outcome!

  5. @fashiiondiaries, yes j'adore the olsen twins! happy 2010 love <3

  6. Thanks Yash, beta pun dah tak sabar2 rasanya..


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