"Edgy, Parisian, Chic"

Suede scallop boots (I'm gonna keep one for myself hehe), Studded Pandora Bag, Scallop Studded Belts, Studded Cut-out Belts, Glamorama Stardust dress, Ruffled Back Blazer -- sneak preview for tomorrow's update UPDATED! at The Shoplifters.

So last week I had a 4 days weekend because on Thursday the company gave us our long overdue replacement leave, and Friday was a public holiday for it's the birthday of the king of the state. Happily woke up early to watch The September Issue (I have a new found respect for Grace Coddington and I wannabe like her when I grow up, like right now I haven't grown up enough ya know), Coco Avant Chanel (Boy was awkwardly hot? If not for the 'stache. I mean what is it with me & British men, I swoon all over 'em gentlemanly manners & broody eyes) & 500 Days of Summer (Poor Tom, Summer shouldn't have given hope if there's no hope at all but who am I too judge. Anyways JGL is too cute!!!!) over and over again in bed. Total bliss.

Then me and fiance went out to get stocks for The Shoplifter's new arrivals (pictures above), so glad of what I chose - aptly themed as "Edgy, Parisian, Chic". Hope it fits the bill. Heh, and I'm thinking of keeping the Scallop Boots for myself, and also maybe that Ruffled Back Blazer too. It's similar to Caroline Engman's Monki cardigan, sleek and edgy.

Anyways, I did some mahogany red highlights on my hair last weekend. It's not really visible rite now but probably will be within a week, as the stylist said. Will post up some pictures soon!

p/s: & I'll reply all comments soon, been busy lately :) Thank you so much for visiting my blog! ♥


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