Decked In Black

What I wore for the past 14 days (exaggeration at its best or IFAIL, actual digit = 9 days) - BLACK, BLACK, BLACK.
It's either coz I'm mourning (oh let it go already) or the fact that I don't carry much when I'm running away from home, running away from nothing actually. Unintentionally it's the same pair of jeans, sequin flats & quilted bag that I wore since 1998, sorry I mean 07-09-2009. Pants alternatively change from Zara hard denim straight cut jeans or Topshop high-waisted acid wash skinny jeans. Black. I live in denim, I sleep in comfy cotton though heee.

Tops are regularly changed day by day, have no intention of taking any new wiwt shots right now. Meh, would be boring anyways. In retrospect, I do love how my sequin flats, slouchy quilted bag and jeans are versatile enough to be worn with anything. Must've been the color though. Nobody in the office said anything so either I'm invisible or nobody pays attention. Hmmmm though that's pretty much the same. Haaa.

Anyways gotta say, I'm really thankful to my homegirl Lilia for letting me crash her bachelorette pad, sharing her room and all. I wouldn't know where to go if she hadn't let me in, ye old room has become a traumatizing place for me to stay. Whatever.

So I've been living in black clothes and in paperbags and laundry plastics. Most of my stuff that I brought to Lilia's house are all in large paperbags and one duffel bag. All the other stuff will be moved after Eid. Oh well, sometimes you gotta make do. I ain't complaining, I'm tryin' na adapting. Bukan tak pernah bersusah-susah pun selama ni, heh.

p/s: I've exploded the dashboards of anybody who follows me on my tumblr with - stars, quotes, celeb photos and pretty things. Check it out!

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