Perforated Long Tee dress (theshoplifters), glossy satin leggings (miss ocd), perforated grey boots (theshoplifters), multiple chain necklace (f21), biker jacket - in hand (zara).

These photos are pretty old but I haven't been taking any photos in such a long long time. I haven't charged my camera's battery for like a month (or two?).Haven't been in the mood to blog for the longest of time either, sometimes all you wanna do is just take a break from everything and go away rite. But that's not possible especially if you have commitments that hangs on your neck like a plague.

In the first picture, was the day Sarah invited me for a lil meet-up with bloggers (haha!). I get to meet Dila Raden, Miss Weed (a very cool teacher), Jenny, Shix, Adik Jenny. Thanks Sarah, though we almost lost our way home in the heavy rain XD

Quickie of what I've been into lately;
- trying to keep my hair long, it's now past the shoulder mark. Frizzy & tangled, kinda regret perming it.
- the heat is killing me, so long basic tees & leggings on non-working days.
- my fringe bag is torn inside out, but I don't have the heart to buy a new one. nor the $$ honestly.
- broke as ever, as always.
- NOT preparing for engagement ceremony at all, coming end of July.
- cut-out flats are loooove.
- light denim? more loooove.
- sleepin' naked? every other day, hah. the heat people, the heat!
- i've been using Clarins skincare, and loving it!
- what else?
- i'm dreaming of Bandung, Indonesia trip every night now that it's barely a month away. Hah! Tell me what I should wear overthere, help!

Okay that's all!


  1. ahahaha. ada gambar I. lolololo before we kena marah. kerek je

  2. omg, u jahattt, i nak pergi bandung jugakkkk, x ajak pown!!! hhahaha


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