Crown Of Love

I really DON'T KNOW why Tina is always headless :P
And I'm wearing a size L on the destroyed jeans, duuude seriously?
Yeah I've gained back my weight but I'm loving it, 48.5kg. I dropped to 45kg a few weeks before CNY partly because I have no money, business was slow and I don't know why but I simply detest eating.

Really wanted to add more stuff to the photo but was suddenly caught on a lazy wave.

And then when business starts picking up, everything seems to fall into place and I started binge eating on chocolates & cheesy stuffs almost every hour. I blame Listerine mouth-wash for making my mouth feels empty and distasteful. Though, I like this one better, you can literally feel the liquid building up an iron fort on your teeth and gum.

I have a drying cold sore on my upper lips, honestly, really ugly. It's like somebody punched me and left a bloody bruise, well not bloody now but the bruise is still ugly.

This weekend I'm gonna go pamper myself, after a long time being sabbatical on that part, I'm gonna go do something to my hair ;)

Inspired by Siri Tollerod in Lula #6, Spring Summer 2008, Crown of Love:

ain't she just the cutest?

I probably need to start wearing my contact lenses a lot more, colored lenses, Y/N?
Feels like I need to kick it up a notch just as a wee prep on soon-to-be-wedded-girl (alasan hebat tak boleh blah for a girl to spend money on herself).

p/s: many people has misconstrued that the ring was an engagement ring, nah! that's just cincin merisik/proposal ring? We'll have the engagement ceremony around June/July and the wedding will probably come next year. Hey, I actually still have time to party!


  1. bile erk hari nyer??heheheh u should start now dear..hehehehe my sis setahun wat preparation pun mcm byk bende yg xcomplete..gud luck dear!!!
    mst wed u besh giler..

  2. gah you're scaring me! seriously i haven't started a single thing, both me and bf are still spending on measly stuffs instead of on the wedding/engagement fund.

    it's probably gonna be 1.5 years from now, but gotta be prepared rite, rite?

    i suck at planning #_#

  3. you're you're you're gonna have my hair! ngee!

    and i like that jeans? berapa duit?

  4. haaaah laa dD!! I love your hair by the way.. tak sabar nak buat rambut, i've never done anything drastic to it except chopping it off years ago :)

    seluar tu tak sure lagi bila nak keluar, nanti i email you k ;)

  5. Dear Ami,

    I ada lenses grey dan brown. Sekarang pakai grey dulu. I beli online store. Alasannya sebab murah.

  6. beli online? wah u lebih canggih daripada i. ada power tak?

  7. ohhhhh..i want tht jeans tooooo.
    nnt mail eh.

  8. I beli kat sini;

    I ada jumpa another blogshop yang jual contact lense tapi dah lupa url dia.

    Ada power. I pakai -3.75.

  9. dear... enjoy puas2 before ur wedding day haha.. btw, im using s10 nikon.. not bad la..

  10. dania, tak lah i perm my hair into a frizzy ball :P

  11. E; macammana nak email awak? :/

    dD! Emailed!

  12. ciare, aku memang pakai yang clear lenses time rajin tapi colored lens dah bertahun jugaklah tak try.. takut tak sesuai :)

    how u know my date of engagement ceremony, it's not even set in stone yet. lol.

    anyway tahniah ciare!

  13. budak kecik! bayar full nak? ngahahahahaha

  14. haha qilah, same goes to u. cewah tetiba. wah cam best je kamera u! tak sabar nak tengok gambar byk2 :))


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