Betul Ke Dah 2009?

Herlow sweethearts ♥,

It's been awhile has it? I just came back to work after a long holiday, factory shut-down. It feels good to be back, although I'm still worried of stories of recession in other factories. Pape je lah! Live life while you can rite? Haha anyway I don't have new year's resolution or whatsoever, never did and probably never will kot.

On New Year's night we went to watch Yes Man, the last movie for 2008 and the first for 2009 (not much of a party girl). Gaddd that movie is such an eye opener! I use to be one of the most optimistic go-to girl among my friends, and people come to me for advices & whatnots. I remember, back then even an enemy of a close friend accuse me of being too optimistic. I mean what's wrong with that right? Of course it's totally fine, lessen the wrinkles on my forehead and good for my heart rate as well. But as time passes by, I'm slowly becoming a dark (macam vampire pulak) person, always a lil bit too angry over nothing, low tolerance for just about everything and I'm terribly easy to be annoyed. What gives?? I don't know since when I've started to become a heartless biatch but dude I'm not liking myself one bit. So I guess maybe I will have one resolution this year, to have a more optimistic outlook of life from now on onwards. Hopefully. I don't want these hatred people, gimme sum lurrrrveeeeeee :P

Anyways this is an outfit photo these are 3 outfit photos before I go meet up with an Urban-Retro customer and go back home to Perak:

Bat-Wing Top with pleated sleeves (I'm currently crazy about simple bat-wing tops with minor details). Bought two & sold the other one over here.
New found love! Multiple drape necklace in silver + gold + bronze + dark blue, F21 sales!
Triptych Stud Belt, Kittencake comel.
MNG side zipped slim pants.

And here are some photos from Eco Festival + U.O.X Play, thanks to Qilah A'xteqs!
Hmm alamak, the photos are larger than usual as I took them directly from facebook.. eek aak

Was wearing;
Topshop Gold Zip Ethnic Top.
Miss Selfridge Cullote Pants.
Wonderwoman Belt from onebabeshop.
Vintage Boxy Bag, thrifted.
Gold Black T-bar sandal, Jusco.

Le Seducer, Cik Senah + Qilah + Anil of A'xteqs, moi & one very excited Angah of Partimelovers.

Pherry Clucker, Tinessa, Angah Partimelovers, Anil + Qilah A'xteqs, le mua.
Wore a vintage inspired houndstooth jumpsuit, tictactoe.
Vintage Belt, 6Ts.
White Bata Badminton Masters.
And nothing underneath (kiddddding!)

Okaylah, tu je. Oh ya;

Be good everyone :)

Don't forget to watch Yes Man!

p/s: I finished Meyer's books Twilight & New Moon within 4 days, in the hunt for the the third & final sequeal. O-oh, dah terjebak. I LOVE YOU ROBERT PATTINSON! Mwah! Heeee huuuu hiiii...


  1. gangsternya muka you ami. haha

  2. ami i suka gambar besar k! memang the size ke because of your layout. ami kena jalan dengan i lagi.

  3. banyaknya nama manja i! NAK NECKLACE F21!!

  4. saloma, kenapa nama you jadi tu? tak gangster la camni you, lebih kepada gangstarz haha

  5. sarah, i direct pinjam gambar dari facebook. so blogger tak resize, bagus gak kan macam ni! tapi i suka letak gambar banyak2, nanti sure lembab

  6. kak rona, tu la suka datang masa i takde kat KL :((

  7. tinot, beli lah kat F21. wakakaka!

  8. bestkan the twilight series?the fourth book is the best!
    i baca all 4 books in 4days.
    you can also go to stephenie meyer punya website and download MIDNIGHT SUN, edward punya version of twilight.puan stephenie tak jadi publish and wrote it halfway.
    edward cullen memang love.
    p/s:love your drapey drapey sexy.

  9. dzu, omg i wish i have as much time & wisdom to actually buy all 4 when i first saw them at mph! sekarang mph nearest dah habis the 3rd & 4th so i kena pegi OU sebab org tu ckp kat sana ada banyak lagi.

    i'll download midnight sun pronto! semalam i tengok interview of the vampire, tom cruise has ruined my version of vampire. need to watch twilight lagi haha.

    and thx dzu ;)


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